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[NYCC 2012] Hands-On With Marvel Heroes (2 Parts)

The guys behind Diablo and Diablo 2 are back, and this time they’re prepping a super-powered MMO for the masses. Marvel Heroes puts you in the shoes of a Marvel superhero of your choice and duke it out online. We’ve got two gameplay videos here. So after Prota’s statement, hit the jump to see what James has to say.

Prota: Before the convention I had hardly heard anything on Marvel Heroes. However, after testing it out, it easily became my favorite demo of the con. A Diablo-clone with the man behind the series at the helm just screams awesomeness. I tried several characters throughout the weekend and enjoyed the diversity between them all. As the Hulk, I was stunning and knocking away enemies left and right. However, with Storm I had to use her range and flight powers to play more defensively. Speaking of flight, the implementation of flight in a game like this is a first, but it felt very natural soaring through the stage. It also made for a very interesting way to dodge and counter enemy attacks. The fact that this is the only game at the convention that had me continuously coming back for more pretty sums up how I feel about Marvel Heroes. This, in my opinion at least, is the free-to-play MMORPG that people need to look out for.

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Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 10/8/12

Today was the second day of New York Comic-Con, and we wrapped of Comics Week yesterday. We kicked it off with some Maximum Carnage. Then we tagged in Captain America with Marvel vs. Capcom. We died a lot to the rockin’ tunes of Silver Surfer. We punched fools in the face with Batman on the NES. And finally, we punched more fools in the face to the tunes of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

If you want to see the music as it goes up (and not wait every Saturday for these wrap-ups), remember to go to our Tumblr page and follow it. Music for Night-Time Listenings goes up every weekday at 10PM

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Deadpool Gets His Own Game and Seems Excited For It

Can we please see this team up in the game!

Well the people at High Moon Studios, Marvel and Activision are giving the psychopathic hired gun and semi hero a game of his own titled, by the hero, Deadpool. It is just as crazy as he is. There’s not a a lot of news coming with the reveal of this game, but you can expect it to come out for PS3, Xbox 360, and gladly the Wii U (which has been confirmed), but the game trailer has revealed more than the actual makers.

The game will have you fighting military type enemies in a 3rd person hack & slash/shooter style with some over-the-top gore. The trailer also revealed a lady that looks very similar to X-Men’s Psylocke. But what the trailer did in my eyes very well is portraying its sense of humor that was so hilarious and funny to watch. So while the gameplay doesn’t look like it has much depth in it, the comedy looks like it has top notch writing. Do you think Deadpool deserves a game? Was anybody surprised by this? Because him having a game came out nowhere for me, and from what I see the highlight for it so far seems to be its humor.


Megaman X Confirmed for UMvC3! …As A Costume

Imagine the look on my face when I saw none other than Megaman X in a thumbnail on Facebook, linking to Capcom’s Unity page. It was of joy and glee… which soon turned to pessimism. It’s no secret that much of us on TWF haven’t been liking Capcom lately, what with UMvC3, Megaman Legends 3 getting cancelled, RE: The Mercenaries 3D having that stupid DRM, and putting that… thing on Street Fighter X Tekken. But this, this takes the whole damn cake son!  Many have clamored, emailed, and begged for some kind of Megaman to be put in this game. We would get over the fact that we’d be ripped off anyway. But make no mistake: This is not Megaman X. It is a costume for Zero! So you mean to tell me that Capcom was able to put the damn model in the game but notmake him en entirely new character? *woosa*

Well, al least we know they still have some form of care for the blue bomber. And there’s some other costumes for Trish, Hawkeye, and Taskmaster if you’re interested in those. But come the hell on!?

Ultimate MvC3 costume blog: Weapon Expert pack [Capcom Unity]

Here comes a new challenger!

After a little more than a week, a few thousand matches, and a hand cramp or two, I think a review of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Umvc3) is in order. I am very impressed with the overall rebalancing of the game. It seems Capcom really took the time to research problems within the original and tried their best to not make the same mistakes. For example, the DHC glitch is now removed from the game and I couldn’t be happier. Continue reading

Art of the Week: Feature 5 – Dave Wilkins

Recognize that picture up there? Of course ya do! It was used in magazine ads when Marvel vs Capcom 3 was still in full hype mode. This artwork was made by an artist named Dave Wilkins. He currently works as a comic artist for Marvel Comics, along with doing concept art for other mediums including films and videogames. One thing you’ll notice right away is his excellent use of color and lighting. Another neat visual aspect of Mr. Wilkin’s artwork is the visible brush strokes on parts with maximum lighting and shadows. I’m a big fan of techniques like this as it shows the processes that the artist takes in coloring and gives a picture a sense of movement. This is especially prevalent in his concept art for Splatterhouse, as every punch, kick, and blood splatter delivered by Rick looks like someone was there and took a picture of Rick mid-asskicking. Speaking of which, you should check out the Fangoria cover he made featuring Splatterhouse. The story behind it is freaking awesome and inspirational for anyone that wants to get into the field he’s in. His main base of operations is his website, davewilkinsart.com. You can also catch his gallery over at deviantART as well.

Hit the jump for a taste of his artwork.

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Art of the Week: Feature 3 – vancamelot

This week we cover an artist that brings a smile to your face. vancamelot, real name Ivan Camelo, appeared on the scene around 2008, with his main base of operations being on deviantART. I first discovered vancamelot on the group Fighting-Game-Elite, where his artstyle caught my eye as I was clearing my message center. His style of art is very upbeat and could even be considered cute in some circles. His fanart covers properties including Marvel and DC Comics, Street Fighter, movies, and others like Gears of War as seen above. He uses simple shapes and proportions to build the images, almost like cutting construction paper. But he’s not afraid to get into detail, again, like the Gears of War image up there. Further perusing of his older artwork shows that he’s done other types of art as well, and may be tapping into elements of what he’s done then to use now. One striking image I found that I wish I could show here is one he did of Zero as a samurai. It’s amazing how he used the different patterns in the outfit he made for him.

You can catch vancamelot’s gallery over on deviantART. Hit the jump to see a sample of his work.

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