A Gabriel Knight 2 Slide Show (Part 1)

Here’s something to watch if you ever find yourself bored.  And yes I’m aware this is likely the most shitty video I’ve ever recorded.

Gabriel Knight 2 is a fascinating game.  The acting is often terrible, some puzzles have the most obscure solutions and most of my time is spent snapping shots, trying to find the right ones to publish when it comes time for review.

Of course, I’m lazy.  Instead of clicking through a ton of pictures, I allowed them all to play as a slideshow.

Watching how these pictures blend sequentially takes out all semblance of story, so there’s no plot being spoiled.  In fact, it’s easy to make up your own story based entirely on how these actors interact with each other.  Also note that I started doing the slideshow at Chapter 2.

Some moments it’s exciting, others painfully boring only to be thrown off by something hilarious.  So, ummm, enjoy?  Oh yeah and there’s no music or sound so feel free to play your favorite music while watching.

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