New Giana Sisters Game In The Works w/ Kickstarter (7 Days Left)

And no one told me about this when it was revealed. *sigh* Regardless. I saw some of the art and thought “hoo boy, Pikomi’s rolling in his future grave.” Then I saw the actual gameplay. Holy shit this game looks awesome! Before I explain here, let me educate you with some Giana Sisters history.

The Great Giana Sisters was an old game made by Time Warp. It was essentially a Mario clone for the ZX Spectrum, C64, Amiga, Amstrad, and other home computer platforms. And boy did it borrow a lot of Mario-like elements. It looked so much like Mario, Nintendo stepped in and ordered a cease and desist on the game’s production. This was back in 1987. Fast forward to a few years ago, and DTP Entertainment and Spellbound Interactive make a new Giana Sisters game for the DS. This time there’d only be one sister, and collecting a power up (aka mushroom) turned her into Punk Giana. The stages in this game were short, but very numerous. The artwork of the game was phenomenal, putting New Super Mario Bros. to shame.

And now Black Forest Games is at the helm of a new Giana Sisters game, tentatively titled Project Giana. This time around Giana can freely switch back and forth between her regular and punk persona. Being pegged as a “dream,” Changing her persona also changes the world around her. This also changes up how you traverse the landscape. Think Mighty Switch Force, and you’ll see what I’m getting at. Each side also has its own abilities it seems. As regular Giana, she can twirl and glide Dixie Kong style while Punk Giana can rocket herself a la Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures.

Black Forest has a Kickstarter page up if you wish to see this game set to release. According to their Kickstarter video, they’re close to finishing up the game but have gone low on money and might have to kick out their entire dev team and shelve the game for a later date. With 7 days to go as of this writing, their goal is to accumulate $150,000. So far they have… $107,000. Dear lord is this going to be heartbreaking if they don’t meet that goal in 7 days. So be a pal and help out this dev team. The game looks like it’s gonna kick ass, and it’s even got music from Machinae Supremacy! AND they brought back the original composer, Chris Hulsbeck (who also did the music for Turrican). C’mon now.

Now all that left is to get that Giana Sisters DS game released in the U. — YOU SON OF A BITCH! When did this happen!?

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