Capcom Vs Capcom Pitched Once, Didn’t Quite Fly

Given Capcom’s propensity to crossover with many franchises (it even has its own Trope page), a Capcom crossover game where Capcom characters fight themselves wouldn’t seem too far off. Hell, Nintendo’s done it. Even Capcom had something like this with Capcom Fighting Evolution, though many agree that game was an absolute mess. But Capcom’s a bit wiser on the fighting games (though most lack content lately), so maybe now’s their chance to try that route again? Well, Christian Svensson tried pitching it, and it wasn’t swaying any execs. “I’ve pitched Capcom vs. Capcom a few times internally” said Svensson in an interview with Rohan Mayers of Capcom Unity. “It’s never really found traction though among the producers or with marketing.” Svensson does stress that either way their”…fighting resources are being utilized on other projects right now so it’ll be some time before such a thing could really be considered for greenlight.”

Well, that’s nice to hear. At least we know those producers and marketers don’t see much happening with a fighting game, yet think a smartphone Capcom crossover game will win over fans.

Svensson pitched Capcom vs. Capcom game internally, hasn’t found traction – fighting game resources currently occupied [EventHubs]

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