Multiplayer Gaming Nights : Sen’s Fortress Edition

It’s good to be typing again!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working hard to get my game stream working for the blog and haven’t had much room for articles.  Still learning the streaming process and learning how to use and exporting to Youtube.  Getting sound to work properly is a bitch, but I’m getting used to it.

My streams are often long and cover every moment I spend playing a game, even the boring parts.  Multiplayer Gaming Nights is where I gather some of our favorite moments and share them.  Remember to increase your video quality in the embed, because I still haven’t found a way to default in HD.

This week was all about getting our group deeper in Dark Souls, Sen’s Fortress to be exact.  It took two nights to finish with the three of us, but it’s finally over!!!  How much worse can the game get?

We learned Lizardmen like to get freaky, as shown in these two videos :

And this one

My extreme caution combined with Kurosama’s extreme gung-ho-ness is a terrible combination…

His gap-jumping haste also lead to disaster.

And of course, there was the lucky moment where I was invaded at the same time Prota’s summon sign appeared.  It was pretty damn close!

Now that the stream is fully functional and I’ll be playing regularly at night, I’ll be sure to grab highlights to showcase.  Enjoy and see you after a few more multiplayer gaming nights!

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