Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 11/5/12

This week marked the last week fans of My Little Pony had to wait. Today was the Season 3 premier of Friendship is Magic. So all week I featured the music of one of the biggest fangames to come from this fandom, Fighting is Magic. Composed by RainbowCrash88 and Whitetail, the music featured where the themes to AppleJack, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash.

If you want to see the music as it goes up (and not wait every Saturday for these wrap-ups), remember to go to our Tumblr page and follow it. Music for Night-Time Listenings goes up every weekday at 10PM.

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Applejack’s Theme
Composed by RainbowCrash88

So let’s start off with one of the first songs to come out for the game, Applejack’s Theme. Many a fan heard this with the initial trailer for Fighting is Magic, and they were greatly impressed with how official-looking it all looked. For some, including me, heard that beginning part during the trailer and thought “oh boy, they’re do something hokey are they?” Then that riff came in to shut us the hell up! The cool thing about much of the composition here is that it incorporates some of the music from the show. Here, composer Rainbowcrash88 incorporates Applejack’s part from Winter Wrap-Up. The cool thing about this as well is how he marries the usual country style instruments, like banjos and fiddles, to hard guitar riffs and small bit of pipe organ during the small banjo solo. So, Apple Pie, Apple Fritters, Caramel Apple, or Candy Apple?

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic – Twilight Sparkle’s Theme
Composed by Rainbowcrash88

After hearing Applejacks Theme for the umpteenth time during the initial trailer, we finally heard a new theme for Twilight Sparkle during her reveal trailer. Since Twilight is more about magic and read many books, that would be the main draw for the song. For some reason though I always thought this sounded more like a cheerleader song in something like Rival Schools (almost). Rainbowcrash88 kept the theme of including the show’s music and used Twilight’s verse from “At The Gala” (the song in the season 1 finale). Along with that, he also incorporated a part of fan song Twilight’s Sonata, which was composed by his composing colleague Whitetail (who went by DJ DerpyHooves back then). And for a small nod, he also included a small bit of the main MLP theme. So then, of all the magic Twilight’s used so far in the show, which one would you find most useful in… acing a test?

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic – Rarity’s Theme
Composed by Whitetail

This song took many fans by surprise by how different it sounded to Rainbowcrash88’s music. Some outright detested it. But me, I found it very fitting for Rarity’s character. It also helps to have multiple composers to handle certain elements (look at Xenoblade’s music for example). As for the composition itself, it does sound inspired by Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It’s also got quite a few layers playing, making repeat listenings a different experience. For example, listen to the chorus. At first there the synth and piano running side-by-side with the melody. Then another layer is added in the background, almost going into a rapid-fire solo back there. Whitetail, the song’s composer, incorporated “Art of the Dress” into this song, keeping in line with mixing in show music for the soundtrack. So, which real-world clothing store do you think would carry Rarity’s clothing creations?

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic – Pinkie Pie’s Theme
Composed by Whitetail

Some would think “well damn, how the hell would compose a song for someone as hyper as Pinkie Pie?” Well, you make the music just as hyper, and techno happens to be the most hyper of the modern music genres out there. Such was the challenge for Whitetail, and he delivered. In terms of incorporation, he added two songs Pinkie sang in Season 1, “Giggle at the Ghoties” and “Cupcakes” both of which were relatively short songs thus easy to mix in. While the music is sounds like the equivalent of a sugar rush during Halloween, it does have a bit of a “crash” moment in the middle where things calm down a bit and is more melodic and slower paced. Then things really ramp up for one more bass assault. In a cool twist, Whitetail adds a reverse effect, I guess since major sugar rushes result in long periods of sleep, so it’s better to start it all over again than seeing a collapsed Pinkie after downing countless Tootsie Rolls. Speaking of which, which candy is bound to put you into a sugar rush (and crash you the hell out afterwards)?

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic – Rainbow Dash’s Theme
Composed by Rainbowcrash88

“I came Guilty Gear/BlazBlue” is what some would say hearing this. So far much of the music in Fighting is Magic was mostly inspired by not only music in the show, but pop, techno, and country. But here, it’s all hard rock! Since Rainbow Dash is the ruffian of the bunch (and much less lady-like), it would make sense to have her with the most visceral theme of the main 6. Initially, the beginning part of the theme was played during a podcast and was still incomplete. But when RainbowCrash88 uploaded the final version many months later, much was changed to that beginning, namely the addition of violins, chimes, and a thunder sound. a longer break was also added, so as to not make the transition from intro to verse to sudden. RC88 would once again use At The Gala for one part of the song, but this time using RD’s verse when she sings about the Wonderbolts. So far, this has ranked very high in many fans favorites lists, going right up there with Applejack’s Theme. If you had custom soundtracks for either Guilty Gear or BlazBlue, which character would you tie this theme to?

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