Perfecting Moai Doo-Wop Got You Down? I Think I Have A Solution!

Moai Doo-Wop

This past Christmas I got Rhythm Heaven Fever as a gift, and once again I was thrust into the rhythmic world of monkeys, ninjas, and surprisingly hot chicks. I had to take a much needed break from Rhythm Heaven on the DS after I nearly went insane getting a perfect on every rhythm mini game. But my craving for more Rhythm Heaven was kicking, and I needed my fix. So off I went playing Rhythm Heaven Fever, playing through all the minigames once, then getting Superb ratings on the ones that didn’t so that a Perfect Chance would pop up all the time. In my path to perfection, I had to take short break here too after almost losing it again with some of these songs (screw you Love Rap 2). And so while watching Chicago Fire on TV, I decided to pop in Rhythm Heaven on the DS, for old time’s sake.

I only had three songs to perfect, but I forfeited any chance of achieving such feats for Rhythm Rally 2 and both Moai Doo-Wops. However after playing through some other songs, I decided “eh, why not?” and went ahead with one of these three. Moai Doo-Wop was still a bitch like before, and I laughed my way to an X on the P. It’s one of those songs where timing is everything, and, like Glee Club, the smallest millisecond missed will cross you out. The fact that the input timing for a “doo-wop” and a “yell” also takes milliseconds, and it’s easy to jack up. But then I thought to myself, “what if I closed my eyes?” I did this in combination with holding the stylus parallel to my forefinger and under it and not holding like a pencil. And so Moai Doo-Wop 2 was presented for a Perfect Chance and I tested my theory. Right away I knew this was going to fail spectacularly. I did fail, but I went further than I did before. I did it again, and… IT WORKED! Not a single beat was missed, and I netted the Perfect Medal for Moai Doo-Wop 2. Several perfect attempts as Rhythm Rally 2 later, and the first Moai Doo-Wop song was presented with a Perfect Chance, I and got my medal in that too.


This is where I realized that one of the senses could be interfering with with something. Take what I’m about to say next as pure speculation and not as concrete scientific proof. So then, I realized that my eyes might actually be interfering with one of my other senses, namely my audibility. The middle man between this trio of senses is touch, and as I touch, I anticipate what I am about to see, to then what I want to hear. This results in very miniscule delay that is enough to mess up your timing in Moai Doo-Wop. So by closing my eyes, my ears take full control over my hand, and thus I don’t have to worry about anticipating what I see. You’ll understand this better if you play LockStep 1 & 2 with your eyes closed. Your eyes will send wrong messages to your ears and hand as the games tries to mess with you with its trippy images.

So if you haven’t gotten a Perfect Medal on Moai Doo-Wop, try closing your eyes and focus. You might just make to to the end. And, uh… sorry, I don’t have any tips for Rhythm Rally 2. You’re on your own with that one. Actually…

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