Newsbreak: Arkham Origins Announced, Hachi Prepares to Become The Night…Again.

Find out the REAL story behind Big Boss and the founding of...whoa, wait, wrong series...

Find out the REAL story behind Big Boss and the founding of…whoa, wait, wrong series…

Source: IGN

In a move that will surprise no one with a basic knowledge of series-milking, Warner Bros. announced the development of Arkham Origins, the latest in the critically and fanbase beloved “Arkham” series of Batman videogames. Precious little information is available at the moment, other than the fact that it will take place before either of the other games, starring a younger, more inexperienced Batman just arrived in the city and on the lookout for love and meaning in his life after the accident.

I may be lying about that last part, but it is totally a prequel.

The other interesting thing about it is the developer. Franchise creator Rocksteady Studios is not going to be crafting this one, instead, that will be going to Warner Bros.’ Montreal Studios. On one hand, taking a game out of its original developer’s hands is always a risky proposition. After all, a game becomes a success because the creators, well, KNOW their product. On the other hand, the team making the game also worked on Prototype, a solid little game, and far more importantly, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, which is a personal favorite of mine and a good example of working your material correctly, so maybe it will even out.

Arkham Origins is set to release in Fall of this year, and as a fan of the series so far (I played Arkham Asylum, and listed Arkham City as one of my top games of 2011), I maintain a good amount of cheer for the announcement. Here’s to some days of springy, high-flying fun and-

Shit, wrong franchise again…

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