Censorship In Fire Emblem Awakening: Which Region Got It Worse?

Fire Emblem Tharja

Secondary Headline: This Week in Censorship – Tharja Can’t Catch A Break Edition.

Nintendo had released Summer Scramble, a DLC for Fire Emblem Awakening that sees our heroes in a beach episode like an anime. Given that this was a beach, we were bound to see much skin from both the male and female cast of characters. This included the much loved Tharja, who unfortunately got her ass censored by Nintendo of America (and Europe by extension).

Tharja Uncensored

In the original Japanese version, Tharja is seen in… well, some say she’s pulling her bikini bottom up. I say she’s pulling out a buttcheek wedgie. General consensus: bikini bottom adjustment.

Tharja Censored

So that’s what’s seen in the Japanese version. In the U.S. version, well, we get a piece of cloth covering up the booty. Many agree that Nintendo made things worse than what they intended, as now, save for the small slip of red, it looks like Tharja’s not wearing anything! The cloth there also looks like a cape, which could be construed as someone showing up for some behind-the-scenes action. Then there’s the fact that leaving more to the imagination actually makes the image much more sexier than before to some.

So nice job Nintendo of America for completely screwing up your intention entirely.

Click to enlarge

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Oh but what’s this? Tharja’s not out of the woods yet. As previously seen by GoNintendo, a bit of dialogue was also changed that involved Tharja. A character named Nowi comments on Tharja’s boobs, stating, “And they said they bet your boingy bits are white as snow and soft as pillows.” Awesome! But, Nintendo of Europe’s translation changed the conversation, moving from boobs to hair. “You know! You hair! It’s so sleek, and shiny and stylish!” Welp, so much for boingy bits in Europe. Although I hear France is rather fond of hair conversation, so not all hope is lost.

To be fair though, some in the GoNintendo article comments suggest that this may be the localization teams getting different scripts to translate, so there may not be any censorship going on. BUT, The original script does in fact talk about boingy bits. So sorry Europe, you got it worse here. Here’s to America, land of the (kinda) free and home of Beeg American Teetees.

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