Newest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Game Announced for Release in the West, Hachi’s Shrieks Reverberate in Taiwan

So many colors, so little time.

So many colors, so little time.

Source: Gematsu

Namco Bandai, in their continuing bid to earn my undying affection and sexual favor, have announced today that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven will release “In the Americas” sometime in Summer 2016 on the PS4. This announcement actually comes less than a week after the game’s release in Japan.

For those who don’t know, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an extremely long-running manga series in Japan, focusing on the, well, bizarre adventures of the Joestar family, as they take on vampires, ancient Aztec demigods, superpowered mafia dons and time-bending clergy. This of course is a grievous oversimplification of the plot, which spans hundreds of chapters and eight individual parts over more than 20 years of publication, but all you really need to know is that it’s a shounen action story that embraces a colorfully gaudy aesthetic to create one of the most flamboyant, and amazingly fun, fighting series ever, where characters are likely to vogue while explaining their powers to each other and contort like dance-models while battling. Think Ru Paul’s Drag Race meets Fist of the North Star, mixed with Shaman King, and just meditate on how amazing that is.

The manga, despite being a cultural institution in Japan for decades, never really reached western audiences until the anime adaptation in 2011, which proved extremely popular with fansubbers and importers, with the follow-up seasons since being equally popular. Said popularity was enough to get the first two seasons dubbed and released here on video, along with the previous JoJo game, All-Star Battle, getting a release back in 2014 to some pretty positive reviews.

As you may have figured out from the text of this article, I am a rather large JoJo fan (so is Venusbull), so this news has me on cloud nine and beyond. I regret having to wait almost half-a-year to get it, but I suppose all good things involve anticipation. While I practice my posing, here’s the Western release announcement trailer.

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