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The Wired Fish Podcast S3 – Episode 6

Ahoy! In this episode of The Wired Fish Podcast, we ponder about THQ’s money troubles and how they hope Darksiders 2 will save them. Then we talk about Next-Gen Expectations and what people expect from the next generation of gaming. Finally, we discuss about the Free-to-Play model giving rise to Pay-To-Win.

Time-Table of Contents after the break.

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New Video Recorder and a Clip From my Darksiders 2 Playthrough

Some people, namely Prota believe that I have a certain fascination with objects of the box variety.  It’s an ongoing joke cause I was stuck playing the Wizard in a multiplayer playthrough of Trine.

For a brief moment, I thought Darksiders 2 was playing with me, the boxes apparently coming to life.  Thankfully I was wrong, but it kinda scared the shit out of me when I spent the whole clip focused on the shaking boxes.