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The Wired Fish Podcast S4 – Episode 1

Ahoy Fellow Fishes! We’ve returned once again with a new batch of podcasts in the coldest month of Winter! In this season premier, we introduce a new format for the podcast, bringing it closer to a radio-like show full of jabs, lots and lots of tangents, and more natural conversations. In other words, we pick one topic and run from there. In this episode, we talk about what we got for Christmas.

Time Table of Contents after the break.

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Persona 4 Arena will feature a 30-40 hour story mode

According to game director Kazuhisa Wada, in a post on the official Persona 4 Arena Blog, Persona 4 Arena’s story mode will be a huge part of the game and will last somewhere between 30 to 40 hours. On top of that, the story is being written by the Persona Team themselves and will feature full voice acting. You can check out the Japanese trailer after the jump.

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E3: Persona 4 Arena Trailer

Update: An official release date has been confirmed. Persona 4 Arena will be arriving in North America on August 7th and will feature both the original Japanese voice track as well as the new English voice-work.

Here’s a new trailer for Persona 4 Arena with more gameplay, one very hyper announcer, and a tease of the Midnight Channel’s return. Persona 4 Arena is still slated for release this summer and I believe many Persona and fighting fans alike have this game on their radar. I know several of us at The Wired Fish do.

Update via: Gamespot

Elizabeth and Two Others Join Persona 4: Arena

Continuing the trend of checking official websites, it looks like Persona 4 Arena‘s Japanese site got an update too. Several in fact. Going there now, you’ll notice that the sites taking a little longer to load. That’s because the theme song gotten a change. Now someone is singing the theme song in glorious, glorious Engrish. Delving into the characters section, you’ll see three new combatants have been added. First is Elizabeth, Igor’s assistant from Persona 3. This might peak your interest if you’ve played to the end of Persona 3 and fought Margaret in Persona 4. Since Persona 4 Arena is canon and takes place after Persona 4, her inclusion might indicate something. She’ll be using Thanatos as her Persona.

Along with her is a character named Labyrs. She looks like a new character since I’ve never seen her in Persona 4. Maybe I haven’t played far enough in P4 (I’m still in Naoto’s Dungeon). The other character is Shadow Labrys. She (meaning both) looks like another android like Aigis. Her uniform suggests that she’s from Inaba. Her regular form’s Persona is Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete in Greek Mythology who was in charge of the Labyrinth. The Shadow form’s Persona is Asterius (aka Asterion), the Minotaur of Crete that was in the Labyrinth. Huh, looks like Atlus had a dream of seeing Japanese and Greek mythological figures clash. Persona 4 Arena is slated for a Summer release in the U.S. on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Persona 4 Arena’s Official Site (Japan)

Persona 4: The Ultimate Confirmed For U.S. Release With Shortented Name

Atlus has just confirmed that Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena will be released in the U.S. for Xbox 360 and PS3 this summer. With this release comes a new, shorter name for those that thought it was a mouthful (or just felt uncomfortable using the P4U abbreviation). It’ll be known as Persona 4: Arena in the U.S. No word yet if the English voice cast will come back reprise their rolls, or what that one card is hiding on the Japanese website’s character screen. Pre-orders are currently being taken though Gamestop, Amazon, and VGP. The U.S. site is up, but so far there’s only the pre-order information shown.