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The Wired Fish Podcast S4 – Episode 1

Ahoy Fellow Fishes! We’ve returned once again with a new batch of podcasts in the coldest month of Winter! In this season premier, we introduce a new format for the podcast, bringing it closer to a radio-like show full of jabs, lots and lots of tangents, and more natural conversations. In other words, we pick one topic and run from there. In this episode, we talk about what we got for Christmas.

Time Table of Contents after the break.

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Resident Evil 6 Has On-Disc DLC

After being critically hammered, the last thing Capcom wants to do is make Resident Evil 6 less enticing. But in comes word that Resident Evil 6 has on-disc DLC, a practice that has proved very controversial this year after Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed to have over 12 characters locked behind a pay-gate. YouTube user FluffyQuack was modding his disc when he uncovered several bits of content already on the disc. The only full piece of content on the disc is a new difficulty mode called No Hope, which is harder than Professional. The rest is partially on the disc. These include 2 map packs, 4 new multiplayer modes, and an a Co-op mode for Ada’s campaign. The Multiplayer modes are called Onslaught, Survivors, Predator, and Siege. You can read up on what each mode is on Fluffly’s video description.

Fluffy points out that some of the info other sites are reporting are wrong, like costumes and taunts. He sates that some of these, while on the disc, don’t seem to be locked behind a pay-gate but through normal gameplay (A and S Ranking Mercenary maps with each character) and unlocked via RE.net. The only items players may have to pay for is what’s mentioned in the previous paragraph. Capcom reached out to Eurogamer to clarify that some of the data is on the disc to ensure compatibility and that “there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc.” If that’s the case, then maybe they should’ve stuck to that original release date in November to, y’know, finish it. You can see all of Quacky’s Mod videos after the break.

Capcom responds to Resident Evil 6 on-disc DLC revelation [Eurogamer, via Kotaku]

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Resident Evil 6 extended game play footage

Ever since Resident Evil 6 was first announced back in January, we have only seen snippets of chapter scenarios. It’s been recently with E3 and Comic Con, that Resident Evil fans have been able to view more game play footage. But even then, it was footage taken from the middle of a chapter scenario.

Youtuber and video game reviewer DvLZGaME was able to get his hands on extended scenario game play for both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, that shows more of the intro sequences. What are also interesting to note are the loading screen animations and some of the initial trailer images, such as Chris shoving a camera man and Leon and Helena falling out of a helicopter and in to a pit of zombies…too bad that’s not really what happens.

Unfortunately, we don’t speak Arabic in this fish tank, so we can’t decipher his commentary but the footage is pretty awesome and worth taking a look.

If you don’t mind being spoiled, check out more below.

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Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions (Leon S. Kennedy)

Leon S. Kennedy returns in Resident Evil 6 with a new metrosexual jacket!

Two month early access was granted to Xbox 360 Dragon’s Dogma owners for the official Resident Evil 6 demo on July 3.  The full demo pre-installed on the Dragon’s Dogma disc includes campaigns for Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller.  Each of the characters’ campaigns are fairly unique. Chris is heavily action oriented with his use of heavy weapons much like Resident Evil 5.  Jake is a mix of action and survival with his physical prowess. The focus of this review however, is the return of Leon S. Kennedy and the survival horror theme reminiscent of “old school” Resident Evil titles.

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Resident Evil 6 Capcom Captivate Information

WOW, lots of Resident Evil 6 information to get through. So let’s get to it!

New trailer:

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More Resident Evil 6 Clues…The plot thickens

The 2012 Capcom Captivate conference held in Rome last week (April 2-4), is the largest event of its kind for Capcom. It allows the video game company to display some of their highly anticipated projects and tease others. With an embargo placed on all attendees until April 10th 11amEST, details were scarce.

Luckily for us, the team behind the marketing campaign for Resident Evil 6 has been releasing tidbits throughout the past couple months but they have amped it up in the past 2 weeks.

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No Hope Left is back

Nohopeleft.com, a conspiracy website (and viral marketing campaign) tied to the future release of Resident Evil 6 is back up and running today, after it was mysteriously shut down mid February. This is interesting since the only thing left behind when the site was shut down, was  a small circular logo and an ominous voice recording.

What could No Hope Left be alluding to? Who are Cousin S, Mother and Uncle? What is this family crisis? Could No Hope Left be a sign of a global bio-terror situation so massive, that there literally is no hope left…? If so, how will our heroes Leon and Chris survive in this new world…?

Post your thoughts and theories in the comments section below.

Resident Evil 6 will be released November 20th 2012.

Resident Evil 6 Announced, Hachi Resolves to Get His Evil From Foreign Distributors

Behold, the horrors of Resident Evil h!...I mean 6!

Source: IGN

Earlier this week, news broke about a teaser site that, in all likelihood, was to build interest for the new Resident Evil game. And lo and behold, here we are, a new one announced and on the horizon.

From what little was gleaned from the site, the game is set ten years after the Raccon City incident. Seeing that people are getting a little too loose with the bioweapons again, The President of the United States (also known as the man who gave us that BITCH Ashley) has decided that revealing the horrors that occurred in that fateful affair might help to curb the resurging bioterrorist tendencies of the world around them, and he calls his old pal (and RE2 and RE4 protagonist) Leon S. Kennedy to be with him when he makes the announcement. This being a “not terribly pleasant” game, something goes wrong, the president is “transformed beyond recognition” and shit goes down.

Of course, all of that could have been avoided with the RIGHT man in office. Mechs trump bioterror any day...