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NightTime Listening – Hoover’s Ooover

It was strange how I discovered this group (and nailed down the real way this band’s name is spelled). First the discovery. I first found out about Hoover’s Ooover by way of their side-band, Temp5. Their only song on YouTube, H, was a sad but lovely song. I found out about it via SparkPlugged. I was wondering if there was more music to be had from this band. Unfortunately, H was, and still is, the only song on YouTube. . On the official page for Temp5, I noticed the URL containing the words Hoover Ooover and the katakana on the page フーバーオーバー. After a moment, I realized that the singer and guitarist are from this band, and so I listened to their music. I was instantly hooked to the 70s sound that this band replicated. But what about the name? Well, that too was an odyssey. To cut to the chase, the official Hoover’s Ooover website had the official romanji spelling containing the ‘s after Hoover. *sigh* Anyway, enough stalling. Time to hear some music.

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