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Gamer Review: Bujingai: The Forsaken City

Wow, Asia finally made a game set in Detroit!

Going back through my years as a gamer, I realize how much things have changed. Not in the industry, but in my own approach to the acquiring of them. Nowadays, like many, I can’t simply go out and buy any game that looks cool. It needs to have good scores, and enthralling gameplay videos, and all that good publicity stuff. Granted, I am not quite a slave to such things; I frequently take chances on lesser known gems and will ignore scores for certain games (*coughDynastyWarriorscough*), but the days where I would prowl the aisles at game stores and simply grab whatever caught my eye are long gone.

Rewind to 2005, when this habit was still very much alive, and was alternately screwing me or paying off gloriously. The time itself bears noting, as 2002-2005 was kind of a golden age for smaller, more oddball games coming to us, both in our country and from foreign shores. Some, like acid-trip classic Katamari Damacy, hooked their claws into gamers of all kens and became a known fixture. And then there are others that didn’t quite make it, like the subject of today’s review, Bujingai: The Forsaken City, an excellent example of the best (interesting gameplay, unique appeal) and worst (immensely flawed mechanics, sad excuse for a plot) of this age of legends.

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NightTime Listening – Hoover’s Ooover

It was strange how I discovered this group (and nailed down the real way this band’s name is spelled). First the discovery. I first found out about Hoover’s Ooover by way of their side-band, Temp5. Their only song on YouTube, H, was a sad but lovely song. I found out about it via SparkPlugged. I was wondering if there was more music to be had from this band. Unfortunately, H was, and still is, the only song on YouTube. . On the official page for Temp5, I noticed the URL containing the words Hoover Ooover and the katakana on the page フーバーオーバー. After a moment, I realized that the singer and guitarist are from this band, and so I listened to their music. I was instantly hooked to the 70s sound that this band replicated. But what about the name? Well, that too was an odyssey. To cut to the chase, the official Hoover’s Ooover website had the official romanji spelling containing the ‘s after Hoover. *sigh* Anyway, enough stalling. Time to hear some music.

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NightTime Listening – Heavenstamp

Ever since I was exposed to Neaux Clicked On This, I was inspired to also do some non-game entries for these NightTime Listenings. There’s already been some non-game stuff posted, and this is just me re-writing this article a bit since I released these on WP out of order (I posted this on LJ first). There may or may not be a theme to these. I do advise for my Fellow Fishes to please support the musicians that I post here by buying their music and albums legally. I will not be posting links for you to download them for free. The vids themselves may have the users post those link, in which case they are out of my control. All blame falls on you and the OP, not me.

Anyways, hit the jump to see the band that I want to talk about today.

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