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Ringside Rants Vol. I – WWE Raw 1,000

Hello, and welcome to my new segment, Ringside Rants, your source for professional wrestling news and reviews.  I’m new to this so just bear with me.  Big shouts to James a.k.a. suikoinfinity and the folks at The Wired Fish for allowing me to come on board!

For my very first wrestling blog, I decided to review the landmark 1,000th episode of WWE Monday Night RAW.  So without any further pomp and circumstance, let’s get this bad boy going!

– We get a new signature, and new entrance video.  “Tonight Is The Night” by Outasight.

  • Thank you WWE for deciding to stop using Nickelback.

– New stage setup, it’s almost pay-per-view quality.

  • Also new logos and graphics
    • New lower-thirds (the nameplate on the bottom of the screen)

– Vince McMahon introduces Degeneration X – Shawn Michaels and Triple H

  • They bring out the other members of DX – Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, X-Pac
  • Typical DX self-introduction.
  • Get interrupted by Damien Sandow.  Who then eats Sweet Chin Music and Pedigree.

– This whole thing takes up about 20 minutes.

– Jim Ross is out on commentary…and he looks like the Big Boss Man.

– Match #1 – Six-man tag team match – Rey Mysterio,World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Sin Cara vs. Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio.

  • Everyone gets involved, too much stuff goes on at once.
  • Ziggler aces Jericho.
  • Jericho eats Brogue Kick from Sheamus.
  • Winners – Sheamus, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.
  • My Score 2/5.

– Apparently Jim Ross is only calling one match…LAME.

– Charlie Sheen on Skype…was he not allowed in the arena or something?

– AJ backstage with Layla.  They discuss wedding plans and how WWE is crazy…”Hacksaw” Jim Duggan appears, followed by R-Truth and Rowdy Roddy Piper…and Mae Young’s hand-child thing who’s all grown up.

– WWE whores themselves on another media platform…this week’s victim is Shazam.

  • My money is still on them whoring themselves out to Instagram…but they have Tout.

– Jack Swagger gets the jobber entrance…and he’s looking more like Gary Busey.

– Brodus Clay in a really gnarly looking American Flag old lady bathing suit along with Dude Love.

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