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NightTime Listening – Anti-Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, cards, jewelry, mysterious loss of money, and a great girl. Ahh, don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? You don’t!? Got no one to hug? GOOD! You’re in for a treat. ‘Cause tonight, we’re gonna say to hell with all that and give one big, glorious FU to all those lovey-dubby people out there. Worry not, after today, you can go back to your daily activities of playing of playing Love Plus and Persona 3 &4. But tonight, we’re getting bitter! Oh yeah, that bitter!! We’re gonna listen to five songs that deal with the issue of love…or lack thereof. The song’s aren’t themselves Anti-Valentine’s, but it can be construed as such. First, we’re getting happy, getting even more bitter with each entry. Without further ado, let’s get hatin’!

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