NightTime Listening – Anti-Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, cards, jewelry, mysterious loss of money, and a great girl. Ahh, don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? You don’t!? Got no one to hug? GOOD! You’re in for a treat. ‘Cause tonight, we’re gonna say to hell with all that and give one big, glorious FU to all those lovey-dubby people out there. Worry not, after today, you can go back to your daily activities of playing of playing Love Plus and Persona 3 &4. But tonight, we’re getting bitter! Oh yeah, that bitter!! We’re gonna listen to five songs that deal with the issue of love…or lack thereof. The song’s aren’t themselves Anti-Valentine’s, but it can be construed as such. First, we’re getting happy, getting even more bitter with each entry. Without further ado, let’s get hatin’!

EU-PHORIA – Valentine Jealousy

See what I mean by happy. Now, you’d think that the song would be rather bitter with a title like that. But that’s not quite the case. A quick read of the translated lyrics, and you’ll see that it’s actually a pretty hopeful song. From the story told by the lyrics, the girl (presumably) is simply scared of the future of what will happen in the relationship. You’re probably thinking, “wait weird fish guy, that’s actually not very Anti-” well, it’s not very, but there is still the doubt in the story. That’s the general theme of this song. But trust me, it only gets worse from here.

Ellegarden – Space Sonic

Now here’s a really rocking tune! The story with this one is that the guy (again, presumably) was with a girl, and it ended, as evidenced by the lyric, “I knew it all, I knew it all that it’s never gonna work.” The guy is pretty depressed, like the world is going down on him. But eventually, he lives with it and moves on. Now, about the composition of the song. The singer does a very good job of hiding his accent, since this is actually a Japanese band. Some in the YouTube comments compare this sound to Blink 182. Now, there is some questionable use of words, but it’s a pretty good song. For now, I actually call this “Cope Song #2.” And guess what? It’s working! ^w^

Bullet for my Valentine – Bittersweet Memories

Now we get to the deep stuff. Story here is that the guy (yes, this time it is a guy!) had a girl and things got complicated. Thing is, it’s hard for him to leave her but the situation is… dire. He wants to leave for good now… I think. The guy admits that he’s not perfect, and neither is the girl. The music video to the song portrays the story better than I can with words… but I wanted to use this one since on the actual video page, there are lyrics. But here’s the music video for those that want to see.

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You

Well isn’t this song straight up? To be honest, this is one song that probably needs no explanation. There’s even a music video (a real one, not this one with the lyrics popping up… even though it’s official too). Admittedly, the song is written to be funny, but I’ve seen things like this happen in real life (too much Maury!!!). I do like that line “She’s like an Xbox, and I’m an Atari.” Biggie would be proud. There is quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor with the back-up singers. The mix of vulgarities and a gospel-like tone is just hilarious. But the song? Oh, it’s angry.

SiM – Jack B.

Here it is. The big one. The most angry song I have in my playlist that I haven’t removed ever since Neaux posted it. Not only does the singer  constantly tell the listener to “Fuck Off,” he even spells it out for you in case you didn’t get it. The second verse around 1:58 is a pretty telling verse. I bet many in middle and highschool might feel that way about certain “friends.” The basic gist of the song is…well, he’s PISSED! He’s practically telling his friend off! “Fuck off!” “”Thank you for nothing!” “You don’t have to act like a friend of mine”… Holy crap this guy’s pretty much lost it!! And the constant imagery of red and black is pretty foreboding. Lastly, for such an angry song, there’s probably the coolest guitar move I’ve ever seen around 3:00

Okay then, there’s all the hatin’ I can dish out. Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day everyone!

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