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Retro Weekends – Toy Cars And Hot Wheels Stunt Sets

Hot Wheels Stunt Sets

Ah toy cars. One of two things that defined my childhood. The love affair with toy cars started almost at the same time as my love for videogames started. Fascinated by cars, I would amass a collection that would dominate any other collection I had involving toys. Making them speed across the floor, jumping off furniture, or crashing them into other cars, these were my go-to forms of entertainment when videogames weren’t around. Things got awesome when I would come to own two stunt sets in the Hot Wheels toy line, which we’ll cover today. So on this Retro Weekend, we talk about those two stunt sets.

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Retro Weekends – Super Soakers

Editor’s Note: Retro Gaming Weekends has not been discontinued. Instead, it is now being merged into Retro Weekends, which covers anything from toys, cartoons, anime, commercials, live-action shows, and of course games, that I grew up on in the 90s and early 2000s.

Ah the Super Soaker. It was somewhat of a status symbol of your wealth when you were a kid. Of course by wealth I mean how much you begged and pleaded with your parents to lose money on getting a Super Soaker. While your typical discount store had those cheap little water guns that shot streams resembling piss, no one messed with you the moment you came out with this beast of a water gun. Of course, once you had one, the other kids wanted one too and eventually got one. And then the real war began as you’d try to last as long as you could without having to reload. No one really knew when exactly you won a watergun fight, but I’m assuming whoever got the heavier clothes lost. Regardless, I enjoyed a short run of having not one, but two Super Soakers! After the break, my story and why I stopped playing with Super Soakers. Continue reading