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Weekly Gaming Reflections 1 : Moondiver, Genesis Classics, Tactics Ogre, Vindictus

When it comes to gaming, the scope of possible discussions are limitless.  Periodically, I discuss music, review some contemporary games and write articles based on more current releases.  Of course, I have a periodic classic gaming project to accompany Video Game Music w/ the James in the works, but what about everything else?

Weekly Reflections is meant for those games that I don’t have room to cover entirely, but feel like talking about, because as much as I love writing about my 3DS and my Pokemans, that’s not everything I play in the course of an average week, and some of those other games deserve at least a shout-out.

This week on PSN a game by the name Moon Diver came out.  A Strider-like action game by the guy responsible for the original Strider, additions to the old formula include a RPG like leveling up system, spells scattered throughout the levels, multiple characters to play as and coop abilities.  I’m in the process of a 4 player run with some friends, and it seems that while it’s a really cool game, and the music is great, the multiplayer in particular was poorly done.  Trophies and progress made in multiplayer sessions apply only to the first player, the camera doesn’t expand to accommodate when one or two players move outside the boundaries, and if you happen to fall off screen, you respawn somewhere a little bit in the center of the screen, and if there’s nothing below when you respawn, you just keep falling down bottomless pit.  Thankfully you don’t take much if any damage, but it’s annoying.  On the other hand, single player is a blast with a camera that actually follows the player making exploration (needed to find some of the spells) a little more possible.  Also, the game tries to artificially jack up the difficulty part of the way through by spamming laser turrets that kill a character in one or two shots.

The most frustrating part of any 4 player experience.

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