NightTime Listening – Shatter

I remember first hearing the music from the Shatter soundtrack from YouTuber SupraDarky. Immediately, the music had me wondering what kind of game this was. Seeing only blocks stacked on top of each other on the cover of the soundtrack (the image that SupraDarky had on the video), it all looked abstract to me. A search on YouTube for Shatter, and it turned out to be an Arkanoid clone. However, I stopped short of calling it that as it seems to have surpassed even Arkanoid. I knew right then and there that I wanted to get the game. Before I got the game, I listened to some more of the music from the game. I ended up listening to the whole soundtrack before playing the game, but that’s alright. It still didn’t deter my enjoyment of the game or the music. So then, here’s three entries from the game we’ll be listening to today.

Shatter – Amethyst Caverns

Here’s the first song that I listened to (I think). Almost immediately you’ll notice the haunting AquesTone voice. Being that this is one of the first songs I heard, I had no idea what the stage itself looked like. So I was left to interpret what the song conveyed in my head. I knew there would be purple crystals, but not in the way it was portrayed when I finally saw the stage. The song does have an amazing buildup, and it feels like you went through an experience when it’s ending. This song also has a music video to it. Check it out.

Shatter – Argon Refinery

Before I continue, I’d like to mention that the composer for Shatter is Jeremiah Ross, aka “Module.” In an interview for a trailer, he stated that his inspiration for the music of Shatter is retro games, and that he wanted to bring back that retro feel to this game. You can here it in the soundtrack to this game, with many electronic and robotic sounds. Module also mixes in some rock too, as you’ll hear near the end of this song, Argon Refinery. Like Amethyst Caverns, this sound also has a great buildup. It starts out really low, and explodes into guitar riffs. I do like the funk inspiration that becomes present when the “robot” comes in around 1:20.

Shatter – Krypton Garden

Last but certainly not least is Krypton Garden, my favorite song in the soundtrack. The rapid succession of the tones brings up images of someone quickly going back and fourth on a synthesizer or some other sound emitting device. The systematized voice sound cool too. It kinda sounds like he’s saying, “Right, here, ba, by, right, here, ba, by” It sounds really cool. And the chorus is really awesome sounding as well. My only gripe about this is that the chorus never really comes back. The back-end of the chorus does, but not the beginning part. Regardless, it’s still my favorite song of the bunch.

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