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Resident Evil 6: Ada Wong scenarios plus more!

As an avid Resident Evil fan, the months spent waiting for Resident Evil 6 have been excruciatingly long. However with the release of extra trailers, character profiles, game play footage and not to mention various conferences, Capcom has given us fans something to tide us over while we wait.

Game play footage released today from the Japanese Biohazard Youtube Channel, shows Ada Wong navigating through a cemetery, while skeleton-like zombies chase after her. The footage also shows Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy cross-overs. Much has been made about the cross over feature of Resident Evil 6 and seeing Ada Wong being thrown in to the mix is rather exciting to say the least.  According to Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the Ada scenario will a single player experience and is unlocked when all 3 main campaigns are completed. This definitely brings back fond memories of Ada’s Separate Ways mission from Resident Evil 4.

While I am excited with the video released today, is too much being spoiled? I can only hope that the developers do not mind showing this much now, because there are other amazing things to be had once Resident Evil 6 is released on October 2nd, 2012.

After the jump, be sure to check out the video for Agent Hunt Mode which is a competitive online mode!

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XSEED Confirms August 14th As The Last Story’s Release Date

Those wanting to try out the aptly named The Last Story will be pleased to hear that XSEED has announced August 14 as the game’s official release date. Before, the game was suspected to release on June 19th according to retails like Gamestop and Amazon. Then retailers announced that the game would release on a later date. While many called this a delay, XSEED didn’t see it as one since they themselves never announced a release date and that the June 19th date was speculation from retailers. But here the legit, 100%, straight from the horse’s mouth date. Tuesday, August 14th, is the day to get The Last Story.

XSEED has also announced that those who preorder get a special soundtrack CD. Though they don’t say it on the Tweet, you also get an artbook if you buy it in the first print run (regardless if you pre-order or not). They haven’t clarified if you’ll get the bonuses regardless of store.

So now that you know the date, have you finished Xenoblade yet?

XSEED Tweet [via Kotaku]

XSEED May Not Localize Akiba’s Trip, But Might Senran Kagura

In an interview with Siliconera, Executive VP of XSEED, Ken Berry, said that they were not going to consider localizing PSP vampire pantsing  game Akiba’s Trip. However when questioned about Senran Kagura on the 3DS, he stated that they’ll “have to see. It’s not a flat out no…” Japan has had the bouncy 3D-beat-’em-up for a year now with, and they’ll be getting the sequel, Senran Kagura: Crimson Girls, this year. The cart will also come with the first game as well. However Berry chimed in “…but it’s a title that would be hard to bring over as a packaged title.” Not sure if he meant the first game or the second game since the second one is already a package. He did mention that the company does get requests from fans to localize the game. I’m guessing those voices might be a little louder since the 3DS is region locked.

As we learned when they cancelled localization of Grand Knights History, XSEED does not any programmers in the team. So they depend on the original developer to input their translations (rather than do it all in-house). So feasibility of script translation and input must be considered. Since this is a beat-’em-up, I’m assuming the script isn’t too extensive. Even though I’ve yet to get a 3DS, I’d like to see this game come out. How ’bout you?

Xseed Won’t Localize Akiba’s Trip, “We’ll See” For Senran Kagura [Siliconera]

The Breakdown – Ether Vapor Remaster

System: PC/Publisher: Nyu Media/Developer: Edelweiss/Players: 1/Release Date:6/29/2012

It’s kind of unfortunate to see space shooters fall by the wayside after the 16bit and 32-bit days. While there were some out there that really impressed, they’ve all fallen to the niche circle. Indie hit Touhou reached a level of popularity the likes of Gradius and R-Type. Then Ikaruga brought forth a space shooter with bullet hell elements. And now, the scene is mostly quiet, with ports and remakes of Shoot ‘Em Ups hitting the download scene. Alongside that, smaller teams have developed shooters of their own, bringing over ambitious ideas quenching the thirst of old-school shmup fans, if only temporarily. However most of them never made it outside of Japan. Here’s one of the few that managed to make it out, Ether Vapor Remaster. Will this quench that thirst for a while, or are you better off drinking water? After the jump, I Breakdown Ether Vapor Remaster.

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Retro Weekends – Monster Party

Pumpkins, vampires, zombies, murderous robots. These were among the numerous creatures to pervade the entertainment landscape, tapping into the fears that people developed worldwide. So it’s no surprise that such monsters would find their way into videogames. Monster Party sought to bring them to the forefront and make them the primary enemies in the game. What we got was a game that actually parodized the monster genre and made little references to the source material here and there. Oh, and this game pretty was hard. After a month off, let’s celebrate NES MAY with a Monster Party!

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Say Hello to Nyu Media, Your Newest Niche-Game Publisher [UPDATE]

In a world full of Battlefields, Call of Dutys, and Skyrims, it’s nice to play something out of the ordinary (and a helluva lot more colorful). So far, there’s primarily Atlus, NIS America, XSEED, and Ignition that cater to the niche market by bringing over Japanese games that the big guys are too scared to publish in the U.S. Well now you can add Nyu Media to the mix. They’ll be specializing in bringing doujin games over. “The high price of imports, limited distribution, and the language barrier have prevented gamers from fully enjoying many quality doujin games,” says founder Seon King on the company’s new page in regard to how hard it is to acquire these games and support the often small dev teams. So far they have six games they’ll be publishing this year, with more on the way in 2012. The gaame will be available on PC through regular distribution platforms. No word yet on if they’ll be publishing the games as downloadables on consoles and/or handhelds. You can hit up the company’s website to see what they’ll be bringing over.

[UPDATE] I’ve contacted Seon King, and he said that they’re in talks to release these games on online platforms like Steam. On the handheld/console front, they’ll also be release games on smartphone devices. There are currently no plans to release these games on PSN or XBLA (Understandably so since these services can have some steep hosting fees).

New Doujin Publisher, Nyu Media, Publishing Japanese Indie Games [Siliconera]

Kirby’s Adventure + Japanese Commercial = Kirby’s Epic Yarn!?

Looks like it. I encountered this commercial yesterday after looking up some more recent Wii game commercials. I click on this thinking it’s Japan’s Epic’s Yarn commercial. Besides it looking like it was recorded with a VCR, the video looked normal. Then the gameplay footage is shown. I’m like, “what…? Kirby’s Adventure?” I’m thinking “must be an extra in Epic Yarn.” Then the old  Japanese “Nintendo” splash is shown to end the CM. I’m thinking “nah, this guy must’ve edited something.” I look up another video, and it’s true, this was the real deal: this really was the Japanese Kirby’s Adventure commercial! So that means someone at HAL looked back on this commercial and thought, “You know what, let’s make a game outta this!” I gotta admit, this is pretty cool. The only other time I’ve seen Nintendo take cues from their commercials was when they took the Chandelier Dragon from the Golden Sun US commercial and added him to the game in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Catch Mitsuko Yoshitomi and Honomi At Dance Parade 2011

Image courtesy of BronxNet

Several weeks ago during my internship, dancers Mitsuko Yoshitomi and Honomi performed on the Open show set. You can catch their performance on the BronxNet Open site (it starts around 50:32, followed by an interview with them around 55 minutes in). The video does load slowly though. But fret not, you can hit the jump and see that same performance in the youtube video below (you’ll only be missing the interview). They will be performing this Saturday (May 21) at the Dance Parade in NYC, which starts at 1PM. Continue reading

8-Bit Girls Dancing Gets A Song Stuck In My Head

This song… I was shown this song several weeks ago by my sister. Upon seeing this, the bright colors were a bit of a turnoff. But at the same time, I could not dismiss the charm that both the video and the song had. The song, “Kodo no Himitsu” (or “Secret Heartbeat”), is sung by J-pop group Tokyo Girls Style. This particular song is actually a remix by YMCK, a group from Japan known for their 8-Bit music. I don’t know much about YMCK unfortunately (but they do sound familiar). The sprites used here do kinda remind me of the ones from the 16-bit Final Fantasy games, mostly with how their eyes are closer to their noses. Anyway, check the vid out.

NighTime Listening – EE Jump

I find it kinda ironic that I kept saying to myself, “This is my last year in college. I’m gonna try and spend as much time as I can with my clubroom peoples,” Only to really be in the clubrooms for just 3 days out of the week (instead of the usual 4 from other semesters). Why only 3 days? Because my schedule has me going to campus on all days but Thursday and Sunday. If I did start coming in on Thursdays, I’d have a Japanese-style schedule (only Sundays are free). Speaking of which, here’s another group from Japan called EE Jump. The type of music they do is rather uplifting and upbeat. It’s great for those days that just simply suck. Plus, it’s gonna rain tonight (well, in New York anyway), so some some happy music for ya!

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NightTime Listening – Heavenstamp

Ever since I was exposed to Neaux Clicked On This, I was inspired to also do some non-game entries for these NightTime Listenings. There’s already been some non-game stuff posted, and this is just me re-writing this article a bit since I released these on WP out of order (I posted this on LJ first). There may or may not be a theme to these. I do advise for my Fellow Fishes to please support the musicians that I post here by buying their music and albums legally. I will not be posting links for you to download them for free. The vids themselves may have the users post those link, in which case they are out of my control. All blame falls on you and the OP, not me.

Anyways, hit the jump to see the band that I want to talk about today.

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NightTime Listening – Toki Asako

Tonight listening comes in the form of smooth jazz. Okay, to be honest, I’m not sure if I can label this artist as smooth jazz. You see, there are some songs that tend to have a…weird kind of composition (you’ll see that after the jump). Regardless, Toki Asako is something rare from the Land of the Rising Sun, home of ear piercing-pop music and candy-colored everything. Last semester, my playlist grew to include j-pop music, but down the line I wanted to add something more than just pop. Several weeks ago, I was introduced to Asako’s music (thanks sis!) and since then I’ve been addicted to the soft sounds of her music.

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