Kojima may be announcing new games at E3

PSM3, a UK magazine that covers Sony’s gaming consoles, states that “MGS maestro Hideo Kojima’s got some big announcements for E3 in June: one a quasi-logical step for an existing game, the other…”

This excerpt only leaves us in suspense, but I’m sure everyone is already wondering which existing game the magazine is talking about. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of, if not the biggest, gaming events of the year. If Kojima’s saving these announcements for it, then you know the games are gonna be huge.

Personally, I’m hoping for a new Zone of the Enders game. Come on Kojima, it’s been a long enough wait.

Via: Destructoid

1 thought on “Kojima may be announcing new games at E3

  1. "hachi76"

    Great goddamn, it had better be. Seriously, it’s been long enough. And it’s such an untapped universe, content-wise! Unlike the 80’000 MGS games so far. That series has been butt f**ked so many times that it glides when a southerly wind blows…


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