Bowdlerize Me Cap’n! DOA: Dimensions US Box Art Censored

I Blame that T Rating.


Hmmm, let’s see. I’m 22 years old, I go to college, and I can make my own decisions as to whether or not I want to see certain things. Soooooo, why the hell is our American cover for Dead or Alive Dimensions showing a severe lack of Kasumi’s thigh? Simple: Because Tecmo Koei (or Nintendo) still thinks that we’re children and can’t handle Kasumi’s inner thigh. Look, we grew up on the Thunder Thighs that is Chun-Li, the Bounceress known as Mai, and DAT ASS known as Ivy (and the rest of the female Soul Calbur cast). I think we can handle Kasumi.

Oh, while we’re at it, Dead Island‘s logo was deemed by the ESRB as “too grisly.” So apparently the ESRB thinks we’re no ready to see hanging zombies spelling out the “I” in “Island.”

Good to see the spirit of Thomas Bowdler is still alive and well in the minds of some people. Oi vey…

via Kotaku

6 thoughts on “Bowdlerize Me Cap’n! DOA: Dimensions US Box Art Censored

  1. Fartface

    wow bullshit! As if an inch of thigh makes any difference. And hanging ppl is just as American as apple pie…oh wait, is that too soon?…Too civil war? Guess we want to forget our “grisly” past too…M rated games should be held to M rating standards and lets us get our OD covers wtf man!

      1. Prota

        Not like the character was made with sex appeal in mind… wait a minute.

        But for crying out loud, just cutting out a little bit of inner thigh hardly makes a difference anyway. What does this accomplish?

  2. suikoinfinity

    HeyHey! Show Bowdler some love — That article linked to the term even specifically says that his purpose was to censor so that literature could even stand a chance of being published in various countries.

    In that regard, his spirit is dead right along with him cause that ain’t what today’s censors do >_<

    1. Prota

      Exactly, the same was true for earlier game and anime censorship as well. Some titles wouldn’t have seen the light of day over here in the past. Censorship so that we can get something, rather than nothing at all, at least served a purpose.

      It’s a different story now though, and this type of censorship isn’t doing anything. Even in Dead Island’s case, at least you can understand why they’re censoring it. I’m not defending the ESRB, but that made more sense than covering up a little thigh.

  3. "hachi76"

    Well, guys, it’s obvious. Since the ESRB guys live in 1920s America, they want to destroy the myth that women have “thighs” at all, let alone inner ones.
    Jesus, get with the times! *gets into Ford Model T and drives off*


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