Okami and God Hand sequels are a possibility, if fans want them

Why yes, he is about to spank an enemy.

Motohide Eshiro, producer of Okamiden, mentioned the possibility of Okami and God Hand sequels in an interview with Gamesradar. However, that all depends on whether there’s a demand for them.

“We’re certainly willing to explore the option of another Okami game if the market is there for it. If people want it, we’ll be pleased to deliver it.” When the cult popularity of God Hand was brought up, Eshiro said “I personally am quite the fan of God Hand – I thought it had really dynamic gameplay of focusing not on blocking but on constantly dodging and moving. It was really fun and refreshing, and it would be great to see that turned into a series. Once again, it boils down to demand – how many people want it, what kind of ideas we have that would be fresh and make it worth exploring again, and we could come up with a plan that could fit the users’ needs and the market’s needs at the time.”

While I’m sure many people are happy to hear more about the Okami franchise, I’m just really happy to hear God Hand being talked about at Capcom. The game is nothing short of awesome, and anyone who likes a good brawler, martial arts, and a quirky sense of humor, will find a lot to love about it. Here’s a clip to give an example of God Hand’s “unique” charm, as well as a sample of its gameplay.

Seriously, the world needs a God Hand 2.

Via: Destructoid

1 thought on “Okami and God Hand sequels are a possibility, if fans want them

  1. suikoinfinity

    The world needs God Hand 2 only if Capcom reaches out to the original developers from Clover/Platinum to work on it. I hated how they handled Okamiden, and really don’t trust Capcom alone working on other games they only own the rights to. If some kind of partnership is made, I’m all for it though.


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