Now Even You Can Look Like Souji Seta (Or Is It Yu Narukami? Pah!)


Thanks to Persona 4, wearing glasses is cool again. Cospa is make a pair of these glasses, worn by the main character in Persona 4. The cool thing about these is that it’s not just for show; These can also be worn with prescription lenses, so the ocularly-challenged can wear these too. They do cost roughly $89 dollars, and since this is coming from Japan, I doubt they’ll be taking most health insurances (including Medicaid….dammit!). But screw it man, these glasses look freaking awesome! Hopefully they’ll be selling these in the Fall. You can order these at the AmiAmi website. I also recommend reading comment from user Unbeknownst2U from Destructoid on which frames are right for you.

2 thoughts on “Now Even You Can Look Like Souji Seta (Or Is It Yu Narukami? Pah!)

  1. Minase Yuuichi 水瀬 祐一

    My glasses need to be repaired, they broke recently. Perhaps I can get a pair of these? I wonder how difficult it would be to get them to ship to America… I wish I still lived back home…

    1. Steven "DeadPhoenX" T. Post author

      Hmm, shipping and handling (and the exchange rate for that matter) may be high, but that might be the only thing stopping people from getting them from JP to NA. And I think AmiAmi is the primary holder of the glasses and they ship to America. So I say go for it!


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