Holy Shit! An Intellectual PSN Debate!

From what I’ve read of the big PSN crisis, it usually comes from two angles.  There’s the legal/economic side where people are looking to sue Sony, hunt down whoever hacked their PSN service, ensure their financial security. It’s either “Fuck you hackers!” or “Fuck you Sony” and people just going crazy pointing fingers.  Then there’s the other side where people are taking advantage of the situation to remind us that competitive services are still alive and well.

I'm tired of looking at this damn ball logo all over the headlines.... why not join the fun?

I can’t deny that I’m a little worried myself, and others on TWF have expressed similar concern.

When it comes to good gamer discussion, Screwattack is usually not the first place that comes to mind.  Not that it’s a bad place, after all, it’s where stars such as AVGN were born.  Some great personalities such as Kwing and The Game OverThinker regularly post up videos, and are the people I look up to for the video work I plan to start on soon.  I just always forget about it for some reason.  In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much different when going into this debate about the whole PSN fiasco.

Not only is the article itself well written, but the comments section actually has a clear lack of flaming/trolling and respectable input from most of the participants.  In it they discuss how this problem can affect gamers of all types, regardless of choice platform as well as the industry.  I have to hand it to the participants for a very interesting discussion and recommend checking it out!

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