See Grand Knights History (Briefly) In Motion

Grand Knights History Producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, released a video today for the game’s official blog today discussing how the Online component of the game works. It’s all in Japanese however. Thankfully, AndriaSang has an idea about what Hashimoto was talking about. What I’m here for is the video. So far, all we’ve had for Grand Knights History in video form is its relatively static opening movie with the awesome music. That vid showed mostly still shot, but no motion. However, with the vid above, we finally see it moving, and beautifully at that. Along with WayForward, Vanillaware is tops when it comes to 2D sprite animation. The video, as AndriaSang describes, is the character selection process for when you choose units to do battle. As you can see, you can change certain aspects of your character, including armor and hair color, weapons, and accessories, etc.

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