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Servers For Grand Knights History Shutting Down

Grand Knights History servers closing

Before Dragon’s Crown and its online beat ’em up mayhem, there was Grand Knights History. GKH was a PSP RPG by Vanillaware that was rather online heavy with players choosing a kingdom to align with and going online to face other players and their kingdoms. Two years after release, publisher Marvelous Entertainment has announced that the game’s servers in Japan will be shutting down, effective October 31, 2013. The game was scheduled to be localized by XSEED (with Europe’s Rising Star Games using their translation of the game for European release). However, when Vanillaware’s time, resources, and funds were running low due to Dragon’s Crown development and UTV Ignition shenanigans, XSEED had no choice but to drop the localization. This disappointed Vanillaware fans, hurting even more so knowing that the text translation was complete and it was up to Vanillware to insert and program the English version (which is then followed up by more QA).

Out of morbid curiosity, I asked XSEED’s Hatsuu if there’s any chance of GKH being picked up again and getting released now. I pretty much expected a “no”, and that’s exactly what I got. So sorry Vanillware fans, this is one game we won’t be playing.

Grand Knights History’s Online Service Shutting Down Next Month [Siliconera]

Grand Knights History’s Online Service Shutting Down Next Month
Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2013/09/27/grand-knights-historys-online-service-shutting-next-month/#3JFoTMlFupCbjDoF.99

The Wired Fish Podcast S4 – Episode 4

The Wired Fish Podcast is back baby! This time we’ve used Google+ Hangouts On-Air to record our podcasts from our homes. So if you ever wish to catch us live, do follow our Facebook and Tumblr page. It’ll be where we post links to where you can catch us live. So what are you seeing up here? Well it’s the official release of that live recording, all cleaned up with graphics, trailers, and some neato music for the credits sequence. It’s also audio-only, so we don’t appear on-screen. Hmm, we haven’t done that since the very first episode of the podcast back in 2011.

So then, in this episode, we talked about the games we played. And remember, the format is different this season, so we may not stick to this topic for long. But we have a handy Timestamp of Contents after the break!

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XSeed Has Cancelled Localization For Grand Knights History

Grand Knights History was slated for release some time in early Spring, roughly March. That time came and went with nary a word from XSeed Games, the game’s North American publisher. Many wondered if the game was just delayed. Others were fearful of Vanillaware’s other game, Dragon’s Crown, getting the shaft. Thankfully, that game is in good hands. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Grand Knights History as Xseed announced overnight that they have cancelled the NA localization of Grand Knights History, citing unavailable development resources. However, unless someone else picks up the game, I have a few hunches that this decision goes beyond unavailable resources.

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It’s February, Where’s Grand Knights History?

Late last year, XSEED Games said that they would be bringing over PSP game Grand Knights History and planned to release it some time around Winter. Normally, as the season draws closer, we’d get a more precise date and, in this case (niche game and all), a small marketing push. Well it’s February, and absolutely noting has come out from XSEED about Grand Knights History, a title developed by the Vanillaware. Siliconera did some investigating on XSEED’s Facebook page and saw that fans were also wondering about the game. They came to the conclusion that XSEED themselves have no idea when they’ll be releasing the game.

Grand Knights History has already been released in Japan to good reviews and sales. Vanillaware is still developing Dragon’s Crown, but even the fate of that game’s Western release is in question. And now that the world’s looking toward the future with the Playstation Vita, interest in this game will plummet, and XSEED might either have to bring the game to Vita, keep it on PSP and expect very low sales, or drop the game altogether.

Xseed Games’ Release of “Grand Knights History” is Stuck in Limbo [Crunchyroll, via Siliconera]

Grand Knights History Coming to the US (And You Too Europe!)

Grand Knights History, the somewhat ambitious PSP RPG with online play in mind, has been picked up by XSEED and is slated for release in the US. Released not too long ago in Japan (and to good sales no less), this is one of two games being made by Vanillaware (the other one being Dragon’s Crown for PSV/PS3). Grand Knights History is a turn based RPG where you choose one of three kingdoms to represent (Avalon, Logres, or Union) and create a squad of knights to take into battle. You can also go online with your squad of four and battle other players (representing one of the other kingdom). For European gamers out there, Rising Star Games will be handling the publishing duties. Grand Knights History is slated for release sometime around Winter on PSP.

Xseed publishing Vanillaware’s online RPG ‘Grand Knights History [Joystiq]

See Grand Knights History (Briefly) In Motion

Grand Knights History Producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, released a video today for the game’s official blog today discussing how the Online component of the game works. It’s all in Japanese however. Thankfully, AndriaSang has an idea about what Hashimoto was talking about. What I’m here for is the video. So far, all we’ve had for Grand Knights History in video form is its relatively static opening movie with the awesome music. That vid showed mostly still shot, but no motion. However, with the vid above, we finally see it moving, and beautifully at that. Along with WayForward, Vanillaware is tops when it comes to 2D sprite animation. The video, as AndriaSang describes, is the character selection process for when you choose units to do battle. As you can see, you can change certain aspects of your character, including armor and hair color, weapons, and accessories, etc.

Grand Knights History Screenshots

Coming courtesy of a Famitsu preview, we have some screenshots of Grand Knights History. Looks like Vanillaware’s artstyle gonna feel right at home with the PSP. Screenshots after the jump

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Vanillaware Reveals New Game, Official Site Already Up

Vanillaware, known for games like Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Odin Sphere, and Grim Grimoire, has revealed it’s latest game. Set for release on the PSP, this game is set to release this Summer in Japan.

According to 1UP, the game is a turn-based rpg, a first for Vanillaware since all they’ve been doing is action-based games. However, this one is going to have online elements too. Players will be able to go online and partake in what Project Director Tomohiko Deguchi calls “a full-on war.” Not sure how this’ll play out since this is turn-based, but I’m guessing it’ll resemble something like the ATB system in a lot of the Final Fantasy games.

So far, Vanillaware has yet to gravely disappoint me. Muramasa was good, but not as good as the phenomenal Odin Sphere. From the music on the official site, this is going to be a great experience musically.

via 1UP and Andriasang

Grand Knights History Official Site