Persona 2 Coming to the US, Official Site Launched, Loses Tsumi Character

Atlus, you cheeky bastards. You had many a Persona fan worried that P2: Innocent Sin for the PSP wasn’t coming out in the US. But we kinda had a feeling that a P2 reveal was imminent after seeing that mysterious little mysterious email sent out to the Atlus Faithful. But now the world is in order, and now all Persona games has seen release in the US. (the PS1 Persona 2 we got was Eternal Punishment. We never got Innocent Sin).

The website was also launched following the announcement. Atlus is already taking preorders for the game. As you can assume from the bottom of the site, it’s still under construction, and only basic stuff like the debut trailer, storyline, and some screenshots (which are in English!). Persona 2 is set to release this fall in the US.

On a side note, I’m sad to inform some Persona superfans that the new logo for the US version has lost its 罪 (tsumi=sin) kanji that was seen in the the Japanese version of the game. Now, I tend to stay quiet when it comes to changes made to US releases, since no one really listens to the concerns of fans anyway. But from a graphic design standpoint, that kanji character gave the logo a unique “foreign” feel that goes well with both the story and the theme. To see it missing for the US version is kinda disappointing. Given, this is really a very small gripe and am grateful that we’re getting the game at all. Oh well, at least we can… what a minute! What the…!? OH C’MON ATLUS! Even Nintendo’s using the damn character! What’s stopping you from using it for the US!?

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