Xenoblade may actually be getting released in North America

Recently, “the man with the master plan” DeadPhoenX shared his retrospective thoughts on the Wii’s life cycle so far. He talks about everything from the good to the bad to the stupid, not necessarily in that order mind you. One of the things that greatly disappointed him, and quite a few of us, is that there are a number of promising games in Japan that fans have been clamoring for in the west, but show no signs of ever reaching NA. However, it seems like there still may be a ray of hope since apparently Xenoblade may be coming to the US after all. This could show that the Wii still has a chance to go out like a champ.

Seems like he's just as shocked as we are.

According to a response to a Destructoid reader from Nintendo’s customer support, it has been confirmed that Monolith Soft’s RPG Xenoblade will be coming out in North America. The only sad news that comes with this is that it was also stated to still be arriving under the name of Monado: Beginning of the World. I’m not a fan of the name change, but I’d be happy as long as we get the game. Though I’d still like to see an official announcement before I get my hopes up. And who knows, maybe it won’t be too long before we here announcements for some of the other highly anticipated games eager fans have been waiting for, like The Last Story for instance. This is an opportunity for the Wii and Nintendo of America to really start delivering the games that more avid gamers have been waiting to dust their Wiis off for.

I can dream right?

Via: Destructoid

3 thoughts on “Xenoblade may actually be getting released in North America

  1. Oculin

    Unfortunately, the Monando listing is extremely old. The title has been on Nintendo’s release calender for years, and customer service is only recycling that listing. Nintendo also listed Disaster: Day of Crisis, in which customer service told me, back in the day when I called to show my interest, that the title was confirmed and a “TBA” date. Now here we are today, with no Disaster Day of Crisis.

    Nintendo’s acknowledgement of the title under the Monando name is nothing to get excited about.

    1. Prota Post author

      I’m with you on not holding my breath for a localization without an official announcement. And it’s a shame that Disaster: Day of Crisis still hasn’t been released in the west, and probably won’t given the recent disaster in Japan. Nintendo of America really needs listen to fan demand and at least consider some of these releases.

  2. Steven "DeadPhoenX" T.

    Saw the same thing on Kotaku from one of the commenters. He emailed (instead of printing and sending like the Letter Campaign said), and got a response from a PR person saying that Xenoblade would be released here as Monado. But Oculin, and many others, is right in saying that the PR person might be regurgitating old info. But I still have hope in the game. Maybe a Wii U update could be possible?

    Also, as much as the Monado name sucks in comparison to “Xenoblade,” it may be important to the story. One of the songs in the soundtrack is called “Monado.” Could be some macguffin that keeps the world alive.


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