Oh Look, Another Fanbase Mad At Another New Game Coming Out

Oh this is getting hilarious. So, what’s the fanbase raising a big shit now? Well, it’s the Zelda fanbase. In all honesty, this fanbase raises a big shit over every Zelda game, the most infamous being The Wind Waker. But now, they’re going apeshit over Skyward Sword. A quick glance over at Kotaku, and you’ll see that editor Stephen Totilo had to practically defend himself from the vats of fan bile that was thrown his way when he demoed the game. For crying out loud, the game isn’t even out yet, and people are already writing off the game like they bought that shit last year. But I bet you’re thinking, “hey, crazy fish guy, you guys talked shit about Twilight Princess in that podcast you did.” Here’s the thing, it’s already out. We played it. We beat it. We have an opinion about it, a rational one at that. Here, Skyward Sword is still in development. While we addressed concerns about Skyward Sword, we also talked good things about the game too, unlike those fools that talked shit about it on Kotaku.

But why then? Why do fanbases like these throw a fit over yet-to-be-released games? Earliest example I could think of (there was probably earlier) was the fiasco over The Wind Waker. People wanting a realistic Zelda game (after seeing the tech demo) end up with the awesomeness that is Wind Waker, and they fling their poo on the game as if Satan himself made it with the blood of kittens. I for one love the hell out of the game, deem it as one of the best Zelda games of all time. Another, more recent case of fan dumb has to be Bioshock Infinite. “It’s in the sky! IT’S RUINED !!!!!1!11!1one1!” “It’s might as well be called SkyShock!” Reaaaaaly guys? Is that so much of a problem that mere minutes after its revelation, you hate the game? I saw this happening in many websites, and it’s just sad (and hilarious). As one commentor on Destructoid put it, it has every right to be called a Bioshock game. System Shock deals with idea of computers taking over their human creators. Bioshock deals with humans altering their bodies to be perfect, a theme we can still see happening in Bioshock Infinite. So it has every right to be called a Bioshock game.

If anything, I still wish Destructoid still did Fanboy Friday. I’d be glad to carry that torch for them and talk shit about people who talk shit.

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