Here’s Lollipop Chainsaw, In Trailer Form [update]

[Now with Youtube feed]

Accompanied by the old song “Lollipop,” We finally see Suda 51’s latest game Lollipop Chainsaw in action. The combat seems to borrow a bit from another Suda hit No More Heroes as the game’s main star, Juliet, with chainsaw in hand, fights smaller groups of zombies while the others wait to have a go at her. We can see her fighting in the halls, classroom, and gymnasium of her school, San Romero Highschool. Not sure if it’s just effects for the trailer, but the zombies seem to bleed not just blood, but glitter, hearts, and rainbows as well. It’s a Suda game, so this is normal folks. The story is being written by Hollywood director James Gunn and is being published by Warner Bros. Games.

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