Henry Lewis: Pokemon Names “Are Actually Names of Demons”

…….I’m hyperventilating from the outright idiocy this man is spewing from his poisonous gob. I am trying my best to not punch my laptop clean through as I hear this man speak nonsense that even the most conservative Republicans would call crazy. Of course, many radical Christians have picked on Pokemon ever since the boom of it in the late 90s (god I feel old). Since then, Pokemon has popped up intermittently amongst Christian radicals, citing something random for corrupting youth. Lewis calls Pokemon “Oriental Demons.” Surely several Oni and Jaki will not take kindly for being mislabeled as Pokemon. Most mind numbing of all is that he says that the names of the Pokemon are actually names of demons. Um… Yeah. So Venusaur is demonic name, and not the combination of “Venus” and “Dinosaur.” Oh, and Rapidash is not the combination of “Rapid” and “Dash,” but is in fact a horse from hell. Gotcha boss….f*ckin’ idiot.

Zues help us if these crazy fools discover any game in the Shin Megami Tensei series (particularly Nocturne). Though I’d probably take pleasure in seeing what the hell these guys would have to say about it.

5 thoughts on “Henry Lewis: Pokemon Names “Are Actually Names of Demons”

  1. Julia

    Pokemon names aren’t based off of demon names. If you Google “names of demons” i’m pretty damn sure Pikachu won’t come up! Pokemon isn’t evil, this goes out to all of those parents keeping their kids from watching Pokemon, lmao really? I even remember when people started picking on “Monster Energy” saying the monster logo on the front of the can is a secret code for 666, and it’s “evil” It’s just a energy drink like Redbull and Rockstar. Really people grow the fuck up! Last time I watched Pokemon they did not talk about demons in any way, nor is there any type of black magic that goes on in the show. So how is Pokemon evil again? Realize Pokemon is Japanese and yeah they have weird names, so how is it evil just because the names of the Pokemon aren’t American?? So if the Pokemon’s names were Bob, Steve, Justin, Ashley would that make the show any less “evil” then it already is??? Lmao

    1. John The Baptist

      So you were part of the game development? You know the intention behind everything in the game?. You say the game shows no dark arts, however prior to our century i’m sure mind reading, as well as any form of telekinetic manipulation was considered sorcery and taboo. But now it’s normal, as a matter of fact I just defeated the elite four with only alakazam who is strikingly similar to baphomet. But it can’t be baphomet because the art designer wasn’t a Templar knight? Or it can’t be because we’ve conditioned the masses to believe the entire thing was a hoax but the pshycic part was a hoax too even though we adopted that as our common ‘magic’. David Blaine and Yif are two examples of people not even trying to hide their demonic assistance. But you shouldn’t portray things as if they’re obvious. You don’t know everything, knowledge is power
      but false knowledge is false power, the worst type of defense.
      There is so much beneath perceptions surface, we are often blind to the most persuasive suggestions that we cannot see. Subliminal messages are most effective because they allow us to listen to the only person we nowadays think is right, ourselves. Subliminal messages are more frightening then threats, because we get the feeling it was our idea. Take everything with a grain of salt. Even though you may not be taken accountable for your own beliefs, spreading blindly false teachings and misled religious beliefs.
      The only thing I can accept as truth is the word of god from the holy bible. All else is futile contraversy. I will be held accountable for this during judgement, So I apologize for anyone I have led astray. Do not believe in something by proxy, do not let your social life be your own undoing. Believe because of what you have witnessed, and how it has affected you. I personally believe ‘Christianity’ Has been demonized and it’s people are confused. Murder is not holy or in any potentiality justified. I merely believe there is a devil, a higher being that is the entirety of everything and that Jesus christ of Nazareth died for my sins and continues to protect me from demons, and from evil. God has given us perception as part of our contract of free will, but the devil nay stands by. No, he’s been at the workshop providing Rose colored glasses, Mainstream media and liars/decievers in general. Ask Jesus to Rebuke your demons so they find peace, love all no matter their actions. You don’t have to agree with hitler, to love a man who’s heart was once as innocent as your’s and mine alike. Demons filled him with suggestions, his perceptions of love were diluted with a need for supremacy. God bless his misled soul, and God bless all readers who made it this far, Hopefully not just to ‘Flame’ or ask the simple and trivial question “Can you prove God exists?” Or even easier “Can you prove Jesus was real?” Ask away, I love proving I’m not merely lukewarm and pray the lord nay spit me out. I shall end with a Scripture containing my name, Favorite number and my favorite moral. John 4:20
      Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.


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