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The Cosplayers of New York Comic-Con

It’s time to take a break from the videos and look at the other attractions that populated Comic Con. No, it wasn’t all the free schwag we got (though we’ll be making an article about that later). It’s the cosplayers, and boy were there many. With the Jacob Javits Center packed to the brim with comic fans, animation and anime fans, and gamers (and nary a jock in sight), you were bound to bump into a cosplayer or two (or, say, seven). As many of you know, cosplay is serious business, and these people were ready to display the best of what they had. We have over 70 pictures, and you can view them all after the break! Continue reading

Henry Lewis: Pokemon Names “Are Actually Names of Demons”

…….I’m hyperventilating from the outright idiocy this man is spewing from his poisonous gob. I am trying my best to not punch my laptop clean through as I hear this man speak nonsense that even the most conservative Republicans would call crazy. Of course, many radical Christians have picked on Pokemon ever since the boom of it in the late 90s (god I feel old). Since then, Pokemon has popped up intermittently amongst Christian radicals, citing something random for corrupting youth. Lewis calls Pokemon “Oriental Demons.” Surely several Oni and Jaki will not take kindly for being mislabeled as Pokemon. Most mind numbing of all is that he says that the names of the Pokemon are actually names of demons. Um… Yeah. So Venusaur is demonic name, and not the combination of “Venus” and “Dinosaur.” Oh, and Rapidash is not the combination of “Rapid” and “Dash,” but is in fact a horse from hell. Gotcha boss….f*ckin’ idiot.

Zues help us if these crazy fools discover any game in the Shin Megami Tensei series (particularly Nocturne). Though I’d probably take pleasure in seeing what the hell these guys would have to say about it.