Spain to Capcom: “Que Carajo Estas Haciendo Aqui!?”

Man, no one’s a fan of Capcom lately. Just when you thought Capcom couldn’t piss off Spain again, Capcom reveals that they’ll be dressing Magneto in the King of Spain’s royal clothes. Now, this probably isn’t all Capcom’s fault. Magneto wearing the outfit in question is actually a throwback to the comic House of M in which Magneto is seen wearing said outfit. The Spanish Royal Family had issue with the depiction of their King’s garb and sued Marvel. They’ve settled this a long time ago. Guess no one gave Capcom the memo to not open those old wounds, as now Spain is going down on Capcom for using the outfit as DLC for Magneto and is threatening legal action. It’s currently available on PSN and XBL, so get it while it’s hot!

Capcom May Have Pissed Off The King of Spain [Complex]

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