Check out the opening to Heroes Phantasia, Namco Bandai’s anime crossover RPG

Heroes Phantasia, what I had though to be a new Tales game upon first hearing the name, is a crossover RPG for the PSP featuring characters from several different anime such as Slayers, Mai-HiME, Blood+, Darker Than Black, and more. You can look at the game’s introduction video below, which contains animation done by Bones, Production I.G, Sunrise, and J.C., and see which series you recognize.

Still, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this game until today! Due to all the copyrights involved, I doubt a stateside release would have a high chance of occuring, but I can still hope. I really enjoyed Mai-HiME and have fond memories of watching it with a couple of my anime-loving friends, so getting an RPG with characters from that, as well as Slayers and the like, would be pretty awesome. Heroes Phantasia is set to be released on January 19th in Japan.

Via: Crunchyroll

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