Executive Meddling Adds Online Pass To Twisted Metal

Online passes are some of the most unfair things you can add to your game. While I’ve rarely sold/gave away any game I had (the most I’ve given away was 3 my whole life), I’m certain this is something that would concern anyone with the trigger finger to sell their own games on a constant basis, or buy used games a lot. David Jaffe, creator of Twited Metal, said that he wouldn’t want an online pass in his game considering how much of an emphasis the game has on multiplayer. However in the end, it was Sony that made him put the online pass, and he made it clear that it wasn’t his company, Eat Sleep Play, that made the decision. Big ups to Jaffe for thinking about the little guy. But damn Sony, damn.

Twisted Metal Will Require an Online Pass After All [Kotaku]

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