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No More Gamefly In My House: What I Rented, And What I Bought [UPDATE]

Well, the time has come to end Gamefly in our house. We’ve had fun with the service, but due to some circumstances, it was time we ended it (for now at least). I’ve had my gripes with the service, but I got my chance to play games that I would otherwise not consider (or not pay full retail price for). There were some games that were pretty damn awesome, and a few that made me happy that I only went as far as renting it. One thing I wished I would be able to do was to actually review these games within the time I had them. But several things (namely Xenoblade) would come up and I would be unable to review them fully. Other times, I began to forget the premise of the games, the gameplay, the stories, and any specific things that may have occurred while I played. So I would like to take this chance to at least talk about these games and how I felt about them. I would also like to reveal the one game I eventually bought as a result of Gamefly. So after the break, the games I bought.

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Playstation All-Stars Characters And Stages Leaked?

Today a poster by the name of Luukyk over on NeoGAF posted up images and info that’s been supposedly downloaded from the beta of Sony’s crossover fighter Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. From the image above, you can see that Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4, Dante from the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry, and Nariko from Heavenly Sword seem to be in it. Also, fan favorites Sir Dan Fortesque from Medieval and Spike from Ape Escape are in as well. Heihachi’s not much of a surpise since he’s already been revealed earlier. Some stages have also made the rounds here as well. For the stages, Columbia from Bioshock Infinite, Invasion from Killzone, Franzea from LocoRoco, and Timestation from Ape Escape are shown in the post (among others). There are also files from the Beta that suggest other characters popping in as assist characters in certain actions or are in the background (like Kuma showing up for some of Heihachi’s moves).

Part of me is kinda skeptical of these images. The stages I can believe, looks pretty legit. The characters though are… kinda questionable. However given Sony’s propensity to protect things with a spaghetti strainer, there might be some truth to the images here. You can see the images of the stages after the break.

Rumor: Leaked stages and characters from Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale [NeoGAF]

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Executive Meddling Adds Online Pass To Twisted Metal

Online passes are some of the most unfair things you can add to your game. While I’ve rarely sold/gave away any game I had (the most I’ve given away was 3 my whole life), I’m certain this is something that would concern anyone with the trigger finger to sell their own games on a constant basis, or buy used games a lot. David Jaffe, creator of Twited Metal, said that he wouldn’t want an online pass in his game considering how much of an emphasis the game has on multiplayer. However in the end, it was Sony that made him put the online pass, and he made it clear that it wasn’t his company, Eat Sleep Play, that made the decision. Big ups to Jaffe for thinking about the little guy. But damn Sony, damn.

Twisted Metal Will Require an Online Pass After All [Kotaku]

Twisted Metal Gets A Release Date

I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that the latest Twisted Metal game is coming out this year on October 4th. I’ve been waiting quite a bit for some Twisted Metal action. I would’ve gotten Black when I was younger, but I was still a scared little punk. I would’ve gotten Head-On, but I didn’t have a PSP at the time. So now’s my chance for some awesome Twisted Metal action.

With the characters shown, it looks like series mainstays Axel and Mr. Grimm are back. Black’s Dollface is featured as well (but we all already knew that). And there’s some helicopter action to be had. And ofcourse Calypso is back to be the sly ass he always was.