Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 5/7/12

Another week, and another round of music. There are finally five entries in this round-up. But there were almost four again due to me falling asleep early on one of the days. But I made up for it by posting two songs for a single night. This week we listened to Shinshou from BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, Mission Act 2 and Seaside Hill (classic) from Sonic Generations, Bosque from Lords of Thunder, and Teknopathic (Pop N Disco 80s Mix) from Ollie King. Remember to Like our Facebook page to get updated on the music without waiting for the weekend.

The background of Balloon Park comes courtesy of SkyLights from The Sprite Resource.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II – Shinshou
Composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari
Vocals by Asami imai

Man, I gotta hurry up and finish Calamity Trigger‘s story mode at some point so I can get into the Continuum Shift mini-series. BlazBlue’s music is a mix of orchestral instruments and hard guitar riffs, blending together with the game’s steampunk-future setting. Admittedly I didn’t like Calamity Trigger‘s nor Continuum Shift‘s intro that much. But Continuum Shift II? Shit, sign me up! And the good thing about CS2 was that anyone that had Continuum Shift could upgrade to CS2 through a normal update for free… or at least, that’s what I was told.

Sonic Generations – Mission – Act 2 [Mix of Sonic Heroes Quick Race and Balloon Park]
Composed by Jun Senoue

Mission – Act 2 (aka Balloon Park Type B), my personal favorite from Sonic Generations. When I first heard the classic remix of Balloon Park, a rush of nostalgia hit me like punch in the gut. Later on, I heard this version in the game. As I played, I heard the chorus play out the slower note progression, I couldn’t help but hum along. It wasn’t until Youtubers pointed out that this song was actually a combination of Balloon Park and the Multiplayer Quick Race theme in Sonic Heroes. Never playing that game, I went ahead and listened to the original I came away massively impressed that Sega would combine two songs into one cohesive set, making it sound like a brand new song. That made this my favorite song in the game.

Now if only they did Chrome Gadget…

Sonic Generations – Seaside Hill (Classic)
Composed by Jun Senoue

The next song I’d like to showcase from Sonic Generations is Seaside Hill. Since I never played Sonic Heroes, this was my first time hearing the song. This turned out to be my second favorite song in the whole game. But to be honest, it’s hard to choose which version I like the most. I would love to showcase both, but I can only show one at a time. So, here’s the Classic version. The modern version doesn’t reach its full potential, what with it being combined with Ocean Palace (a combination not as thrilling as Quick Race and Balloon Park). But those guitar riffs for the main melody. God that’s the stuff of legends! But I’ll just show the Classic version, if only because there’s no Ocean Palace.

Lords of Thunder – Bosque (SEGA CD Version)
Composed by T’s Music

You probably already know where I first heard this song. This is from the Shmup game Lords of Thunder, a game that dared to let you touch walls without dying. Much like Abadox, you controlled not a ship, but a man in a suit of armor. Besides the gameplay, the game is well known for its heavy metal soundtrack. My personal favorite is this one. The name of this song is up for debate though as the stage that this song is played on is different depending on which system it was on. On the Sega CD version, this played on the Bosque stage. The sound quality was also different on the TG-CD, with deeper guitars riffs, drums, and a slightly slower pace. Still, I prefer the SEGA CD version.

Ollie King – Teknopathic (Pop n’ Disco 80’s Mix)
Composed by Hideki Naganuma

Oh hey look, Ollie King is back. I heard this song play today on you know what. It was the first time too. And man did I get a little giddy hearing that familiar wah-wah voice. My ears perked up as I immediately remembered hearing the other version of this song on Jet Set Radio Future. Having the JSRF version in my daily playlist, if was nice to hear this slower version play out, kinda like how it was cool hearing the Balloon Park theme slowed down in Sonic Generations. Looks like a song’s gonna get replaced on the daily playlist. Plus my playlist could use a little more of that disco funk.

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