Did A Wii Virtual Console Game Release With Online Play? Yes, Yes It Did.

The game? Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for the SEGA Genesis. Wow. Y’know, I gotta give props to Capcom for this. They managed to do something that not even Nintendo thought of doing with their own games. Since the start of the Wii’s Virtual Console service, many had hoped that many of those old classics would have online multiplayer; Super Mario Bros., Joe & Mac, F-ZERO X, Bubble Bobble, Secret of Mana, and many other games with great multiplayer. But the games released would just be straight ports with no new bells and whistles added. But Capcom sought to fix this and added online multiplayer for the Genesis version Super Street Fighter II:The New Challengers. Makes a bit of sense though since the original had XBAND support. Unfortunately they may not be able to add it for the SNES version since they’ve long since released it. It may not mean much since the Wii’s life is close to the end. But hopefully sends a message to Nintendo and other companies that it’d be awesome for these old games to have online multiplayer. If Nintendo continues VC service on the 3DS and resumes the line on the Wii U, this feature would be more than a welcome addition.

So big ups Capcom, big ups.

Genesis version of Super SFII now on US Virtual Console – with online play [Capcom Unity]

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