SFxT: With Glitches Like These, There’s Bound To Be A Super Version

Oh Capcom. Just when I thought you turned over a new leaf, this happens. There’s been some growing ire in the Capcom community over the company’s handling of Street Fighter X Tekken. Along with On-Disc DLC and advertised features not being included, Capcom rolled out a few patches to fix some bugs and tweak a few mechanics. Usually when patches go out, a few more are discovered or create new problems. But this, this is one major problem. When players update SFxT to Version 1.04 and play as Rolento, using his knife to block a projectile results in the game completely freezing up. There’s no way to get out of this either, so you have to power off the console. Not sure if you can quit the game from each console’s respective home buttons.

I remember during the On-Disc DLC debacle where Cristian Svenson stated that they put the DLC on the disc to ensure compatibility and to prevent having to make a Super Version of the game. Well, I think he, and the rest of the company, forgot that character compatibility isn’t the only reason a Super Version is made. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had no choice but to make a Super Street Fighter X Tekken, or some Game of the Year Complete edition. As a matter of fact, I can bet you that they will make it and announce it close to E3.

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