Retro Weekends – Bubble Bobble

Memorable Music

The soundtrack of Bubble Bobble is a short one, but damn are there some songs that have become memorable. This music here also stands out for being a bit more cutesy than most of the other games on the NES. Oddly enough I’ve never really heard this game’s music remixed into its sequels and spinoffs. Maybe it’s because I’ve never played them/never heard of ’em then/only played Bust-A-Move. Huh.

Bubble Bobble – Main Theme
Composed by Tadashi Kimijima

This song will never leave you. No seriously, this is pretty much the only song you’ll hear from Round 1 to Round B2. It does get quite annoying hearing this song for a long period of time, but you’ll find yourself humming the song at some point. And you’ll do it in either glorious glee, or infuriating insanity.

Bubble Bobble – Final Boss
Composed by Tadashi Kimijima

What better way to instill tension in the player than to make a near-cover of Flight Of The Bumblebee. You enter the boss room and immediately hear this. And right in the middle you see the Super Drunk, frozen there. And then BAM, he’s moving, and spitting copious amounts of intoxication your way! With the speed of the song and the speed of your character when you take a spark bubble vial, it’s a perfect fit.

Bubble Bobble – Bad End
Composed by Tadashi Kimijima

This is, hands down, the most frightening and infuriating songs I’ve ever heard. Here you are playing videogames like a normal kid and Bubble Bobble is about to join the ranks of games you’ve already beaten. And then you get this. Bad End? You went through all that trouble just for this? This was one of the first games to have multiple endings, and damn did it make a surprise appearance. For get “princesses in another castle”, this is worse than that.

Bubble Bobble became a hit for Taito and spawned quite a few sequels, some of which referenced other Taito properties like Rainbow Island (the first sequel), Space Invaders, etc. Before being acquired by Square Enix, Bubble Bobble became synonymous with Taito, sometimes having Bub and/Bob somewhere on the logo (of the SNK logo for the Neo-Geo-Pocket). Today, we really haven’t seen much from the series outside of Bust-A-Move. For now, we just have to wait and see what Square Enix will do with the franchise.

And that about wraps it up for NES MAY. There was actually supposed to be a fourth game today, but I had to attend a family event last Saturday and it threw me off. That game will be covered at a later date. In any case see you next weekend!

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