Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 5/21/12

Recognize that image up there? If not, well, you’ll see after the break. So then, you already know my problems with staying awake around 10PM sometimes, so I won’t be going over that again. But that game me a chance to pick two songs that night. Songs from a game tied to a team of multicolored super heroes.

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Crazy Taxi – All I Want
Performed by The Offspring

Oh yeah. You know exactly what this song is and what game this was attached to. Crazy Taxi was all the fun you could possibly have, minus the taxi smelling like ass pine. Along with in-game advertsing, SEGA licensed “All I Want” from The Offspring to use for the game. The pace of this song was par for the course for band, and matched perfectly with the game’s frenetic gameplay. If NYC wants to hike the fare, they should make the cabbies drive like the maniacs in this game. It’d make NYC life a lot more interesting.

*The Wired Fish does not condone wreckless driving.

Dustforce – Fifts FPS Forest
Composed by Lifeformed

Admittedly, I know very little of Dustforce. I also forgot how exactly I came across this song. But it’s nice, short song that I wouldn’t mind hitting replay for… a lot. Listening to it, it does have a familiarity to it, like I heard a song like this before in another game. Like a puzzle game. Ah, I’ll just let it go. It’s gonna drive me nuts trying to figure that out.

Power Rangers – Area 4
Composed by Iku Mizutani and Kinuyo Yamashita

Here’s two songs, both from the SNES era and a childhood staple: Power Rangers! First song I want to show from Power Rangers is the Stage 4 theme. The start of that song really gets you pumped up to kick some Puddy ass. It has that Power Rangers sound along with that videogame sound as well. A great blend.

Power Rangers – Area 1
Composed by Iku Mizutani and Kinuyo Yamashita

This is the first stage song, and man what a way to start off the game. The way the song begins just kicks ass. Couple this when you actually play the game, and it’s pretty badass. “Area 1” fades in on black, and then the stage fades in. So awesome. For some reason I get a slight classic Mega Man vibe from hearing this song. Next to the boss theme, this is probably the best song in the game.

Lords of Thunder – Bosque (Turbo-CD Version)
Composed by T’s Music

To wrap up the week, let’s talk about some Lords of Thunder again! God I can’t get enough of this game’s music. Such was the freedom of gaming in the 90s, making heavy metal music without giving a single fuck about chastising. The song’s name: Bosque. Wait, didn’t we talk about this already? Well here’s the thing. The Turbo-CD and the SEGA-CD versions had a couple of songs playing in different stages. While I was searching for the other Bosque song back then, I also came across this Bosque song. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten used to calling both songs Bosque. On the SEGA CD version, this song playing now is played on the Final Stage.

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