Top 10 Hard Rockin’ Nintendo Songs

Xenoblade Chronicles – Mechanical Rhythm
Composed by ACE+

Note to Nintendo: Hire Ace+ and keep them in your stable of composers! Just when you thought the field and town music of Xenoblade was enough to make you love the game, here we have a battle theme that just kicks your ass! Like the mechanical setting of the battles that this song plays in, the composition is very metal inspired. The guitar welcomes you to the battle on… er… the other part of the game (don’t wanna spoil yet), then the drums kick in to full effect. The one thing I really like is that along with the relentless guitar riffs, violins play in the background too and take over the first chorus. But that second chorus! Oh man, hearing that guitar play out what the violins did in the first one, and then coming together to finish it off! Ah, it’s a match made in String Instrument Heaven.

Killer Instinct 2/Gold- Gargos’ Theme
Composed by Robin Beanland

It’s funny, you tend to forget how very little rock music there is in Killer Instinct. Probably because everything you’d ever need Killer Instinct rock music is encapsulated in its main theme. But when there are rock arrangements in Killer Instinct, it doesn’t play around. Here we have the final battle theme with Gargos from Killer Instinct 2. With riffs straight out of Electric Eye, it’s the perfect tempo for some quick-paced ass kicking. And dear lord do you need a song like this when you go up against Gargos.

F-ZERO GX – Feel Our Pain
Composed by Hidenori Shoji And Daiki Kasho

“Oooh shit” is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the first note. It’s so silent, and you know this is just going to explode. It’s great too since this plays at the starting line before the “Go” sign lights up. It’s like a calm before the storm. The cylinder track of Fire Field is the first track in this setting of the game, and the music plays very well with the twisting and turning going in in the track surrounds; and of course the fact that the place looks like Hell. As heavy as the guitar is in this song, there is still a melody there, and I love it for that. And let’s not forget the face melting last lap solo.

Fortune Street – Final Battle With Bowser (Originally from Super Mario World)
Arranged by Koichi Sugiyama

Again, I feel dirty for using a remix, but c’mon. The Final Battle With Bowser in Super Mario World was wide open of an enhanced remix. Of course, it’s odd that this is played in game that is pretty much Monopoly with Mario and Dragon Quest characters. But let’s ignore that for a bit and remember this song in its original context. Super Mario World, the fourth game in the legendary Super Mario Bros. series. In 3, you fought him in the top floor of his castle. Now he means business. Instead of locking Peach away during the final battle, he’s going to take her with him to the final battle, all so she can see her hero get his fat ass handed to him and practically dangle her like a carrot. And to add icing to the cake, this’ll be done on the roof of the castle in the middle of an endless thunderstorm. I hate to use an abused word, but “epic” is what this is.

Earthbound – Porky Means Business
Composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka

I’ve never played Earthbound. But I’m well aware of many of the musical influences that this game draws from. You have jazz, hip-hop, classic rock (well, Beatles anyway), pop, and some easy listening. But never would you think that game like this would have a song this metal. Okay maybe it was bound to show up since almost every genre of music is represented here. Like Donkey Kong Country’s Final Battle theme, this starts off on a whimsical note, going with a full 8-bit composition and almost mocking how juvenile Porky’s bitching is. And then, the guitar riffs kick out of freaking nowhere! Here, as the title suggests, Porky is serious and he wants you and your friends to suffer.

Honorable Mentions (AKA, The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut)

Gang-Plank Galleon from Donkey Kong Country
We Will Prevail from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Nuts N Bolts from Donkey Kong Country 3
Devil’s Call In Your Heart from F-ZERO X
Castle Boss from Yoshi’s Island

And that it. If you think I missed a song, feel free to comment. Just don’t be a bitch about it. And yes, I drew the background picture in the header image back in 2007. Here, have fun.

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