Scott Pilgrim vs the World getting online multiplayer dlc this month

Now imagine this craziness online…

A look at the upcoming XBLA release schedule revealed some pretty interesting news today. Appearing quite randomly, Scott Pilgrim vs the World is listed as getting new DLC later this month. The DLC will add online multiplayer to the title and will also include Wallace Wells as a new playable character.

I have to admit, after the Knives Chau add-on, I didn’t expect to see any more support of the title. But hey, having online multiplayer added to one of my favorite downloadable titles of this generation isn’t a bad surprise at all. The DLC is only confirmed for XBLA at the moment and will be available to download for 400 MS points on August 19th. Hopefully news of a PSN release will soon follow.

Source: Major Nelson via Joystiq

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