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[Rumor] DLC Characters For PlayStation All-Stars Cancelled, Dart Left In Limbo


For once can we get some kind of good news regarding Legend of Dragoon? PlayStation All-Stars, Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros., had the advantage of having more characters added to the roster post-release, something that was never done for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Brawl. Unfortunately, that advantage seems to have been cut short as rumors began circulating that all future DLC plans have been cancelled. Shuhei Yoshida stated this, citing poor sales of the previous DLC characters Zeus and Isaac Clark (Not sure about Kat and Emmett since they were free at first).

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Dragon’s Crown Voicepack DLC Free For the First Month

Dragon's Crown Free DLC

Want a reason to have the Sorceress narrate your journey like it’s sponsored by Vodafone? Well you might be in luck. Atlus has confirmed that for the first month of Dragon’s Crown’s release, the Character Narration voice pack will be free. With this voice pack, the character you pick for your journey will narrate the story instead of the regular narrator. Not quite sure which parts have narration, but a good guess would be when you enter a dungeon and the narrator tells the stories pertaining to that dungeon.

This will apply for all six playable characters. It’s unknown what language the voice pack will be.

After the month is over, the DLC will cost $1.99

Dragon’s Crown DLC Replaces Game’s Narrator With The Six Characters [Siliconera]

Resident Evil 6 Has On-Disc DLC

After being critically hammered, the last thing Capcom wants to do is make Resident Evil 6 less enticing. But in comes word that Resident Evil 6 has on-disc DLC, a practice that has proved very controversial this year after Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed to have over 12 characters locked behind a pay-gate. YouTube user FluffyQuack was modding his disc when he uncovered several bits of content already on the disc. The only full piece of content on the disc is a new difficulty mode called No Hope, which is harder than Professional. The rest is partially on the disc. These include 2 map packs, 4 new multiplayer modes, and an a Co-op mode for Ada’s campaign. The Multiplayer modes are called Onslaught, Survivors, Predator, and Siege. You can read up on what each mode is on Fluffly’s video description.

Fluffy points out that some of the info other sites are reporting are wrong, like costumes and taunts. He sates that some of these, while on the disc, don’t seem to be locked behind a pay-gate but through normal gameplay (A and S Ranking Mercenary maps with each character) and unlocked via RE.net. The only items players may have to pay for is what’s mentioned in the previous paragraph. Capcom reached out to Eurogamer to clarify that some of the data is on the disc to ensure compatibility and that “there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc.” If that’s the case, then maybe they should’ve stuck to that original release date in November to, y’know, finish it. You can see all of Quacky’s Mod videos after the break.

Capcom responds to Resident Evil 6 on-disc DLC revelation [Eurogamer, via Kotaku]

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Could Type-0 DLC Song In Theatrhythm Spell A Future For Its Western Localization?

Square Enix laid out its schedule of DLC for their 3DS rhythm game Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Among the list is a song from Final Fantasy Type-0, “What Becomes of Us.” This is an interesting addition to the game since Type-0 has yet to be localized for Western release. Many have been clamoring for this game to cross the Pacific since its release in Japan last year. The game was released for the PSP and was to be the start of a new series for just handhelds. Of the three Fabula Nova Crystalis games, this one, once light-hearted under the Agito XIII name, became the darkest of the three with its new Type-0 moniker. The market for the PSP is vastly different between Japan and the West, with the West’s market being a virtual ghost town. This might’ve been the deciding factor for Square Enix and their lack of interest in bringing the game over here.

But then there’s this. Now this can be interpreted as ramping up interest. But it could very much be them trying to keep a consistent release schedule between all territories. And with potential money involved, leaving this out because a game isn’t here yet is lost cash. And — to tangent a bit here — in both Dissidia and Duodecim, Type-0 icons (then still called Agito XIII) were unlockable. But I digress, here’s hoping something happens with Final Fantasy Type-0. Anything positive for this game is a positive for a future release on PSN (or elsewhere).

Theatrhythm DLC Schedule Has A Final Fantasy: Type-0 Song For U.S. [Siliconera]

Scott Pilgrim vs the World getting online multiplayer dlc this month

Now imagine this craziness online…

A look at the upcoming XBLA release schedule revealed some pretty interesting news today. Appearing quite randomly, Scott Pilgrim vs the World is listed as getting new DLC later this month. The DLC will add online multiplayer to the title and will also include Wallace Wells as a new playable character.

I have to admit, after the Knives Chau add-on, I didn’t expect to see any more support of the title. But hey, having online multiplayer added to one of my favorite downloadable titles of this generation isn’t a bad surprise at all. The DLC is only confirmed for XBLA at the moment and will be available to download for 400 MS points on August 19th. Hopefully news of a PSN release will soon follow.

Source: Major Nelson via Joystiq

This Week In Confirmed News 4

I dare you to touch my confirmed news again…..

We got a pot luck of items this week, from an installment from the Sonic series coming back, an obscure game inspired by a manga coming to the 3DS, an anticipated piece of DLC, and more in this mixed bag of news this week.

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Street Fighter X Tekken On-Disc DLC Debacle

Ah this again. For once, just once, I want to say something good about Capcom after the Summer incident. But nope, we’ve got to talk about this, On-Disc DLC. It was one of the first articles I’ve ever posted for TWF when the blog was still on LiveJournal. It’s a hotly debated topic with one side calling foul over the practice, and the other coming up with a multitude of reasons for why it needs to be. On-Disc DLC popped up from time to time, with Bioshock 2‘s Sinclair Solutions DLC and the extra multiplayer modes that were present in Capcom’s own Resident Evil 5. Both moments put both companies in a negative light, and since then the practice was curb for most major DLC (from my understanding). But now it’s happened again, and boy it’s a doozy.

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New 2D Sidescroller Mario In The Works, Might Have DLC Stages

During an investor meeting, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata mentioned that a new Super Mario games was in development, this time being in 2D like the DS and Wii New Super Mario Bros. He also touched upon the possibility of Super Mario being a good place to add DLC stages. Obviously pricing hasn’t been talked about yet, nor how many stages would be available per pop. Hopefully these’ll be new stages and not stuff already on the cart. Iwata hopes to release the game in the next fiscal year.

Here’s hoping for some asshole-level difficult stages. One of the primary reasons why I liked NSMBWii, Mario Galaxy 2, and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Bring it on Nintendo!

Nintendo President Mentions Downloadable Stages For Future Mario Games [Siliconera]

Is Capcom, and The Game Industry, Backing Itself Into a Catch 22 Situation?

Super Version. Hyper Turbo. Ultimate. Game of the Year Edition. In the gaming community, these are identifiers of a game that has been updated. Super, back then, was really just something that was getting released on Super Nintendo. But now, Super is synonymous with an update that was unexpected after promises were made beforehand.  You can probably see which game I’m indirectly referencing and probably understand where I’m coming from. Before the situation we’re facing now in the gaming industry, Capcom led the charge in making updates to their games. However, back then they had good reason to.

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