The Last Story Launch Hits A Little Snag [UPDATE]

Yesterday I got dressed and was ready to haul ass to Gamestop in the Hub of South Bronx to pick up The Last Story. I called the Gamestop to make sure it was there. As soon as I asked the question, I was immediately responded with “It should be here tomorrow.” And I mean he immediately answered me, like he was asked that already by someone else. Considering how pompous I feel, being a gamer of such refined taste as I in a neighborhood such as this, I thought I was the only one in the neighborhood to preorder the game. I mean, I was the only one that preordered Xenoblade here and I had to make a second trip some days later for the artbook. I also preordered The Last Story that first day too. Certainly I deduced that I was remembered.

But I digress. I equated this to Gamestop being up to their old shenanigans again. But just out of curiosity I checked to see if other gamers were having this issue. And lo and behold, I wasn’t the only one. In fact, this was affecting many Gamestops and other stores in the U.S. Confirmation of shipping delays came straight from XSEED’s Twitter. Even Canada was having issues. So if you didn’t get The Last Story yesterday, check today. But do call ahead to make sure. Looks like Gamestop’s off the hook… for now.

[Update 1] Just called my Gamestop. They said it’s not in yet and to call at around 3-4PM. I’ll update again if I get it or not.

[Update 2] After doing some searching around the net on the status of the shipments, it seems the general consensus is that the game will be in stores, most likely and hopefully, on Thursday. I’ve given up calling Gamestop today since it got mighty nasty outside with heavy rains and severe thunderstorms. By the time it ends, Gamestop will be closed. I’ll try again tomorrow.

[Update 3] This update comes courtesy of Polygon. They contacted Gamestop to inquire when The Last Story would become available. The employee stated “Shipments of the game which had been expected to arrive yesterday have been reportedly pushed back to this Friday due to ‘production issues, or trouble getting off the press’… While the ship date was in fact August 14th, a lot of stores will be receiving the game on the 15th, 16th, and 17th depending on shipping logistics.” So this is a problem beyond Gamestop’s control. The article also stated that Amazon customers were sent emails being told that the game would be sent out in 1-3 weeks.

This is pretty big. But at least we can deconfirm Gamestop shenanigans. This’ll be the last update for the day. Guess I’ll keep playing Persona 4 in the mean time. Don’t know why I chose this week of all weeks to resume. But shit got real good now with the game. Maybe this is a sign…

via XSEED’s Twitter

4 thoughts on “The Last Story Launch Hits A Little Snag [UPDATE]

  1. Mary~

    This is all really making me angry too. I got up and ready yesterday, and when i got there, they said it wasnt in yet. I go to my local gamestop in Dundalk. Which is a part of Baltimore, Maryland.
    And i preorder mine too.
    This is like the first game i actually wanted to preorder. And when i go to pick it up, its not there. -_____-

    1. Steven "DeadPhoenX" T. Post author

      I really hope they don’t lump us with that 2-Days policy bullshit of selling the games we pre-ordered. If they do and actually sell our copies… well, let’s just say things will get very unprofessional around these seas.

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