Online Gaming Night : White Knight Chronicles 2 – Death of the Polkan King

While some of you guys were just hearing the shitty news of an iOS port of The World Ends With You, I was in the middle of a great gaming night with my buds.

Because of its lukewarm reception from critics and abundance of other options, we held off playing White Knight Chronicles for quite a while.  It even took a little convincing before our teammate, Soma would buy a copy.  Last night was all about bringing him in for our first night of questing together.  What better initiation is there than finishing a quest that we previously finished illegitimately?

Dupree, Prota (who you might recognize as one of our editors) and myself as Chakwas were having a hard time finishing the fight a few weeks ago, and in frustration decided to make a public room to enlist some outside help.  Some overpowered character decides to come in, and makes the quest into a joke.  We were determined to finish the quest the right way, and with the addition of Soma to the party, our dream finally became reality.

Because we were on the phone while playing, there’s no voices, only a king getting dethroned from my perspective.  Still a cool fight : Enjoy!  And remember to watch it with HD settings — it looks terrible with anything less than 720p for some reason.

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