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Online Gaming Nights : WKC2 Wind Dragon, Dark Souls Testing and Operation Raccoon Shitty

I’m back with more awesome moments and bloopers from my time playing games online.  Fellow editor Prota is also present in these clips along with a couple other friends.  Remember to change youtube’s settings to HD, I still don’t know how to get the embed defaulted to HD yet and the standard image looks like shit!

To start, who likes watching epic battles against a generic big monster?  Who also likes watching the local wizard panic at the last second while all her teammates are down and she’s one hit from dead?  Perhaps you also like White Knight Chronicles 2?  While I’ll be the first to say that the single player campaign (for the WKC2 arc) is shit, there’s a lot of fun to be had if you can get some friends online for multiplayer.

We went into this fight waaaaay underlevelled, and what should have been a 4 – 5 minute battle became much more than that.  Personally, I’m the kind of RPG player that prefers an incredible fight at a handicap to being so powerful that the enemy is decimated.  Those with similar taste might enjoy the show, check it out!

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Online Gaming Night : White Knight Chronicles 2 – Death of the Polkan King

While some of you guys were just hearing the shitty news of an iOS port of The World Ends With You, I was in the middle of a great gaming night with my buds.

Because of its lukewarm reception from critics and abundance of other options, we held off playing White Knight Chronicles for quite a while.  It even took a little convincing before our teammate, Soma would buy a copy.  Last night was all about bringing him in for our first night of questing together.  What better initiation is there than finishing a quest that we previously finished illegitimately?

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